Our Search for the Perfect Angkor Wat Sunset Tour Ended Here You Won't Believe the 11 Unforgettable Experiences Only a Private Tour Can Offer

Our Search for the Perfect Angkor Wat Sunset Tour Ended Here: You Won't Believe the 11 Unforgettable Experiences Only a Private Tour Can Offer

Uncover Angkor's Lost World of Wonders on the Perfect Private Sunset Tour

The Definitive Guide to Exploring the Majestic Temples in the Magical Golden Hour

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia as the setting sun bathes them in warm golden light? Does wandering through crumbling corridors and sacred sites in the magical hour when crowds thin out sound incredible? If so, your search for the ultimate Angkor Wat sunset tour ends here.
Unlike crowded group tours, our private Angkor Wat sunset tour limits visitors to just your party. This allows you to avoid hordes of tourists and create your own intimate, exclusive experience. As the sun goes down, we take you off the beaten track to areas even longtime visitors rarely see.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the sunset hour heightens Angkor’s irresistible allure
  • Clever ways to escape the crowds at key sites like Angkor Wat
  • Our ideal off-the-beaten-path route and timing strategies
  • Gaining VIP after-hours access to restricted temple zones
  • Capturing Instagram-worthy photos in the golden hour glow
  • Tips for clothing, gear, and respectful conduct at sacred ruins
  • Customizing your private sunset tour to match your travel passions
  • Delicious dining and picnicking possibilities amid the temples
  • Responsible travel practices to protect Angkor’s fragile legacy

Escape the Crowds at Angkor’s Most Popular Sites

Spots like Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm see thousands of visitors daily. On our private Angkor Wat sunset tour, we carefully structure timing so you avoid peak hours. With limited guests, you’ll have time and space to take in the sheer magnificence of these majestic sites in peace. No jostling other tourists for the perfect photo op! We also know hidden nooks and overlooked viewpoints away from the masses.

Key BenefitDetail
No CrowdsExplore main sites freely without hordes of tourists
Hidden SpotsDiscover peaceful corners and lookouts few visitors access
Flexible PacingSpend more or less time at each temple as you wish

After-Hours Access to Off-Limits Areas

Thanks to our connections and carefully planned itinerary, we arrange exclusive after-hours entry to parts of Angkor off-limits to most. As the sun sets, you’ll gain access to gated, candle-lit upper levels, remote ruins, jungle-enveloped corridors, and more for an experience beyond the ordinary. Feel like one of the ancient kings strolling these sacred halls in the magical glow of dusk. It’s an immense privilege we secure for our sunset tour guests.

Key BenefitDetail
Special AccessGet into gated zones and temple upper levels after closing time
Peaceful SettingsExplore without crowds in the tranquil light of sunset and candles
Rare PerspectiveSee the temples from new angles at an energizing time of day

Panoramic Views of Angkor Wat at Dawn From Less-Visited Spots

While most tourists flock to Phnom Bakheng for sunset, our guides know alternative hills and hidden terraces that provide stunning Angkor Wat views with a fraction of the people. We’ll take you to an off-the-beaten-path spot to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat in sublime solitude. Enjoy the unfolding spectacle without noisy crowds—just you, your travel companions, and the ancient temple spires emerging from the mist. It’s utterly magical.

Key BenefitDetail
Remote Sunrise SpotAvoid crowds and see Angkor Wat at sunrise from a peaceful, secluded vantage point
Breathtaking ViewsAn awe-inspiring panorama of Angkor Wat emerging at dawn
Intimate ExperienceShare the moving sunrise just with your travel party rather than hordes of tourists

Customizable Itinerary and Pacing to Match Your Interests

On our private Angkor Wat sunset tour, your time is fully your own. Visit the sites you’re most excited by and linger as long as you wish. With a personal guide adapting the schedule for you, each moment goes exactly how and where you desire. Make spontaneous decisions mid-tour if you change your mind. You also control the pace—go quickly to see more temples or slow down to soak in the sensations. With flexibility no group tour can match, we craft your personalized adventure.

Key BenefitDetail
Total FlexibilityVisit the temples you want and customize the schedule as you go
Adjustable PaceGo quickly to see more or slowly to sink into the atmosphere
Spontaneous DecisionsChange your mind mid-tour and adjust course if desired
Personalized ExperienceEach tour adapts to match your unique interests

Charming Monastery Encounters on a Spiritual Journey

In the soft evening light, local monks sometimes meditate or pray at the temples. On our private sunset tour, you may have opportunities to watch their rituals and even say hello. Witnessing their spiritual practices amid these sacred 12th-century surroundings creates an incredibly moving, authentic Cambodian experience. It’s a glimpse into a lifestyle far different from your own to cherish forever.

Key BenefitDetail
Monk InteractionsWatch evening meditation rituals and exchange greetings
Cultural InsightGain perspective into the monks’ spiritual lifestyle
Powerful MomentsSeeing devotion in such an ancient, holy setting creates an impactful experience

Intimate Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Among the Trees and Stone Lions

Finally, we carefully time our sunset tour to reach the peak of Phnom Bakheng just as dusk approaches. The hilltop temple complex contains intricate carvings, stone animal guardians, and towering trees—all surrounded by jungle. Sitting amidst the ornate details as the sky ignites with color is far more magical than watching sunset from the dense crowd at the viewpoint. It’s a profoundly moving capstone to your Angkor Wat temple adventure.

Key BenefitDetail
Stunningly IntimateExperience sunset at Phnom Bakheng with your travel party rather than big tour groups
Unique Vantage PointSit amidst carvings, trees, and wildlife rather than the busy central overlook
Reflective EndingThe perfect introspective finale for your Angkor Wat temple journey

Master Photographer Insider Tips for Epic Pictures

Our guides know the perfect spots where the lighting is sublime for photography. They’ll take you to overlooks, windows, and doorways where breathtaking Angkor Wat sunset pictures come alive. Learn specialized techniques for low-light temple shots, golden hour magic, and capturing impossible colors. With our help, you’ll go home with photos that stun your friends and capture the essence of these ancient ruins.

Key BenefitDetail
Perfectly TimedReach key photography spots for sunrise, sunset, and the golden hour
Pro Vantage PointsAccess angles only our experienced guides know
Expert TipsLearn low-light and golden hour photography skills

Unravel Mysteries of Angkorian History and Mythology

The 12th-century Khmer empire and its mythical stories come alive through our guides’ unmatched knowledge. As you explore the temples, gain fascinating insights into astronomy, spirituality, engineering feats, and beliefs during the Angkorian era. Hear tales of gods and kings passed down for generations. With expertise your average tour lacks, we shed light on the ancient culture that created Angkor Wat in ways that forever enrich your experience.

Key BenefitDetail
Insider Cultural InsightsHear stories and legends few guides know
Historical PerspectivesLearn about beliefs, politics, innovations, and events of the Khmer Empire
Deepened MeaningUnderstanding the ancient culture gives new depth to the temples

Gourmet Picnic Dinner on Temple Grounds at Sunset

As the last rays of sun illuminate the temples, we’ll provide an indulgent gourmet picnic dinner to savor amid the ruins. Sip champagne, dine on Cambodian cuisine, and take in your surroundings as an orange glow settles over Angkor in romantic seclusion. It’s a chance to toast your temple adventure against a mesmerizing backdrop. Our perfect picnic spot allows you to linger as dusk blankets the complexes in shadow.

Key BenefitDetail
Epicurean ExperienceLavish picnic dinner with Angkor Wat views
Romantic SettingDine by candlelight at your own private temple clearing
Magical HourSavor fine cuisine amid the ruins at sunset

Surprise Extras That Make Lasting Memories

Throughout your tailored private tour, we love surprising our guests with memorable experiences. As you travel temple to temple, you never know what added moments of wonder we have in store, whether it’s chilled eucalyptus towels to refresh you, a chance to make offerings at ruins, or a serendipitous encounter with monks. Our thoughtful, exclusive touches make every sunset adventure unique.

Key BenefitDetail
Unexpected TreatsThoughtful surprises enhance your customized experience
Lasting JoyExtra special moments create rich memories to cherish
Elevated MeaningOur surprises deepen the significance of sites you visit

Peace Of Mind With Responsible, Sustainable Practices

Exploring these sacred monuments respectfully matters. We strictly follow responsible tourism practices to protect the temples and support locals. You’ll travel with experienced, knowledgeable guides dedicated to Angkor’s preservation. We keep tour groups small and avoid overcrowding sites. Through community partnerships, we actively give back. Feel good knowing your sunset tour helps sustain Cambodia’s heritage.

Key BenefitDetail
Trustworthy GuidesReliable experts passionate about protecting Angkor’s legacy
Low Environmental ImpactSmall group sizes prevent overtourism and damage
Enriching CommunitiesWe partner with schools, artists, and villages to give back

As you can see, our private Angkor Wat sunset tour offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences beyond the scope of other tours. Let us guide you into Angkor’s hidden corners and lost-in-time magic as the sun’s glow warms mossy ruins. Whether you crave insider access, flexible pacing, stunning photography, or cultural connections, our expertise delivers an adventure you’ll treasure forever.

Ready to secure your spot on the most amazing sunset temple tour in Cambodia? Contact us today and let’s start planning your dream experience. Spaces are limited so these exclusive sunset tours book up fast. We can’t wait to venture into Angkor’s secrets with you!

Most Asked Questions About the Perfect Angkor Wat Sunset Tour – Coming directly from our guests!

  1. Why is an Angkor Wat sunset tour so popular and special?
  2. What is the best route and itinerary for an Angkor Wat sunset tour?
  3. What should I know before booking an Angkor Wat sunset tour?
  4. How can I get perfect sunset pictures on an Angkor Wat tour?
  5. What should I wear and bring for an Angkor Wat sunset tour?
  6. What food and dining experiences are included on an Angkor Wat sunset tour?
  7. How can I customize my Angkor Wat sunset tour experience?

Why is an Angkor Wat Sunset Tour So Popular and Special?

Perched atop rural Cambodia, the sprawling temple complexes of Angkor Wat have enthralled visitors for centuries. As the sun dips towards the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the ancient ruins, their allure and mystery heightens even further. The chance to explore these 12th-century Khmer Empire relics during the magical sunset hour offers an experience like no other.

Here are just some of the reasons an Angkor Wat sunset tour has become so hugely popular and special for travelers from across the globe:

It’s Truly Breathtaking

Watching the sunset from a hillside temple overlooking the iconic silhouette of Angkor Wat is simply spellbinding. Seeing its five regal spires light up in fiery orange, surrounded by the dense jungle, will take your breath away. The sky morphs into a dazzling canvas of color as the sun sinks below the horizon, making for an unforgettable spectacle.

The Crowds Thin Out

Many visitors tour the temple complexes during the day when the largest hordes flock there. By late afternoon, the masses dwindle, offering a more serene, intimate opportunity to take in these sacred sites. Having space to quietly contemplate the ancient architecture and spiritual aura as dusk approaches makes all the difference.

The Lighting is Magical

During the “golden hour” before sunset, the fading rays create a diffuse glow that brings out the otherworldly texture of the ruins. Moss appears fluorescent, carvings take on saturated hues, and weathered sandstone radiates with warmth. The temples feel caught in a surreal dreamscape. It’s by far the most atmospheric time to visit.

You’ll Gain Insider Perspectives

An experienced guide can provide unique insights on the temples’ history, legends, and mystique, enriching the experience. As the sun sets, you may even see monks partaking in spiritual rituals, offering an authentic slice of Cambodian culture.

It’s Special Timing

Exploring Angkor Wat as most tourists depart is special timing when you’ll gain access to normally crowded areas without the chaos. Likewise, well-executed sunset tours ensure you reach the ideal lookouts precisely as the sky ignites with color. Perfect timing is everything!

So if you crave a profoundly moving travel experience and the chance to see Angkor’s majesty in its most magical hour, then joining a sunset tour of this bucket-list destination is an absolute must. As dusk falls over the crumbling temples cloaked in jungle canopy, you’ll be swept away.

What is the Best Route and Itinerary for an Angkor Wat Sunset Tour?

Many travelers don’t realize that the route and carefully planned itinerary are what truly makes an Angkor Wat sunset tour exceptional. Simply witnessing the sunset from Phnom Bakheng or Pre Rup is just one small element.

To truly capitalize on the special “golden hour” glow, avoid crowds, and create an intimate exploration, you must experience Angkor in the right sequence.

Here is an overview of the ideal itinerary and route for an Angkor Wat sunset tour:


  • Sunrise from a lesser-known, secluded lookout spot – Take in the majestic view of Angkor Wat emerging from the mist at dawn from a peaceful, little-visited hilltop or terrace. Far fewer crowds than spots like Phnom Bakheng.
  • Early access to Ta Prohm – Arrive at the atmospheric, jungle-entwined “Tomb Raider Temple” while it’s still quiet and mystical in the morning light.


  • Bayon and Angkor Thom – Visit the epicenter of the ancient Khmer Empire, including the mesmerizing stone faces of Bayon, when the tour groups have mostly departed.
  • Terrace of the Elephants – Admire the intricate carvings before walking the old royal road.
  • Ta Keo – Enjoy the symmetry of the first Angkorian state-temple dedicated to Shiva.
  • Angkor Wat – Spend several hours taking in the splendor and fine details of Angkor Wat when it’s not packed shoulder-to-shoulder with people.

Sunset Hour

  • Phnom Bakheng – Time the hike up to reach the hilltop just as the sunset colors begin flooding the sky, for a spectacular view over Angkor Wat and the temples. Far more intimate and atmospheric than the central overlook swarming with tourists taking selfies.
  • Dusk at Angkor Wat – Descend for a reflective stroll along the sandstone galleries, libraries, and towers of Angkor Wat in the diffused light of dusk after the crowds have mostly dispersed. Feels like having the expansive site all to yourself.
  • Moonrise from Phnom Krom – After dinner, return in time to watch the glowing moon rise over Angkor Wat from this hilltop temple. The perfect quiet ending.

As you can see, smart sequencing that optimizes both timing and less-visited sites is crucial for an Angkor Wat sunset tour that avoids crowds and offers intimate, spiritual interactions with each temple. Let an experienced guide perfectly plan out an off-the-beaten-track route for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

What Should I Know Before Booking an Angkor Wat Sunset Tour?

Seeing the sunset at Angkor Wat is an iconic Southeast Asia experience. But before joining a sunset tour, there are some key things travelers should know to ensure they pick the best option:

Not All Guides Are Equal

Make sure to choose a licensed, knowledgeable guide. You want someone who is an expert on Angkor’s history, stories, archeological details, and sunset vantage points. Don’t just take a random tuk tuk driver trying to snag tourists.

Timing Matters More Than You Realize

Every sunset tour timeline should maximize seeing the highlights of Angkor during the ideal hours when lighting flatters and crowds are lighter. Sloppy itineraries can mean you miss out.

Book Well in Advance

Quality Angkor Wat sunset tours often sell out weeks in advance. Don’t arrive in Siem Reap expecting to join an amazing one on a whim. Plan ahead.

Private and Small Group Tours are Best

For an intimate, custom experience, opt for a private or small group Angkor Wat sunset tour over huge cattle-car-style buses packed with 50 strangers. Make sure group size is under 12.

Double Check What’s Included

Tours vary substantially in what they provide, like meals, hotel pickup, admission fees, bottled water, etc. Read the inclusions closely so there are no surprises.

Consider Combining with Sunrise

It’s worth looking into a 2-day tour that hits Angkor Wat at both sunset and sunrise for the full experience. Sunrise is equally magical!

Photography Comes Into Play

If photos are important, pick a guide who knows the best spots and times at each temple for epic sunset pictures. Lighting angles quickly shift.

Choose With Sustainability in Mind

Aim for operators with sustainable practices like avoiding single-use plastics. Mass tourism has taken a major toll on Angkor.

By keeping these tips in mind when evaluating Angkor Wat sunset tour options, you can confidently book a phenomenal experience at the iconic Cambodian temples. Trust an expert, certified guide to deliver the timing, route, and care that reveal Angkor’s magic. You won’t regret it.

How Can I Get Perfect Sunset Pictures on an Angkor Wat Tour?

Seeing those iconic pictures of Angkor Wat silhouetted against a blazing sunset sky is a key draw of these tours. But snapping incredible photos at the temples takes some strategy and preparation. Here are pro tips to get frame-worthy Angkor Wat sunset pictures on your tour:

Pack the Right Gear

A DSLR or mirrorless camera allows adjusting ISO and aperture to handle low light at sunset. Bring a lightweight travel tripod for sharper shots without shake. A zoom lens lets you hone in on details.

Understand Camera Settings

Learn to shoot manual settings ahead of time. Lower ISO, use wide apertures for limited depth of field, decrease shutter speed to let in light, and tweak white balance.

Follow Your Guide’s Lead

Your guide knows the prime spots where the lighting is sublime at certain times. Follow their photography directions and positioning.

Focus on Angkor Wat’s Architecture

Its spires, archways, galleries, and ornate bas reliefs make dramatic sunset subjects. Shoot from unique angles that highlight geometric patterns.

Capture Temple Silhouettes

Position Angkor Wat’s shape in foregrounds like pools or gates, so the sunset outlines it in silhouette. This makes a quintessential image.

Include Trees and People for Scale

Monks, visitors, majestic trees, etc. add visual interest and demonstrate the temples’ mammoth size. But don’t obstruct the architecture.

Know the Moments

Certain events like the sun touching temple tips or the hillside fully igniting with color make great shots. Peak action goes quickly, so watch for key moments.

Play With Colors and Contrast

Boost vibrance and texture by converting RAW images into black and whites or cranking up warm hues of sunset light. Deep shadows also add atmosphere.

Stick Around After Sunset

Don’t pack up your gear once the sun fully sets! Twilight moments can showcase the temples in magical diffused lighting with blue hour tones.

With the right equipment, photography knowledge, and your guide’s insider vantage points, you’ll capture phenomenal Angkor Wat sunset shots to share for years to come. Just follow the light!

What Should I Wear and Bring for an Angkor Wat Sunset Tour?

Packing properly for your Angkor Wat sunset tour is key to having the best experience at the temples as the sun goes down. Follow these tips on what to wear and bring:

Cool, Lightweight Clothing

Wear breathable, loose fabrics to handle Cambodia’s heat and humidity. Light colors help. Avoid restrictive jeans. Bring clothing you can layer.

Comfortable Shoes

Broken-in sneakers or sandals are ideal for all the walking over ancient stones. Avoid flimsy flip flops.

Protection from Elements

Bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and high SPF sunscreen. Rain ponchos are handy in wet season. Mosquito repellent is a must.

Scarves or T-shirts to Cover Shoulders

Respectful attire is required at sacred sites. Have your shoulders covered when needed.

Small Daypack

Tote along sunscreen, snacks, phone, camera, wallet, water bottle, bug spray, etc. in a lightweight backpack.

Cash for Incidentals

Have some cash beyond what you already paid for the tour, to tip guides or purchase souvenirs/food.

Fully Charged Devices

Ensure cameras, mobile phones, etc. are powered up to capture photos and access e-tickets. Bring backup chargers or batteries.

Photography Gear

Special equipment like travel tripods, zoom lenses, and extra memory cards are extremely useful.

The Angkor Temple complex in Siem Reap offers various ticket options for visitors. Here’s a table summarizing the key details and prices for the entrance ticket pass:

Ticket TypeDurationPriceNotes
1-Day Pass1 Day$37Ideal for short visits, covers all main temples.
3-Day PassValid for 10 days$62Great for a more in-depth exploration; non-consecutive days.
7-Day PassValid for 1 month$72Best for extensive exploration and return visits.

Additional Information:

  • Children under 12: Free (with a valid passport).
  • Hours: The park is generally open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Special Access: Certain areas may have restricted access or require additional tickets.
  • Purchase Locations: Tickets can be bought at the official Angkor Ticket Centre.
  • Payment Methods: Most major currencies and credit cards are accepted.

Remember, each pass offers the chance to explore a vast array of temples and historical sites within the Angkor complex. The longer-duration passes are perfect for those who want to delve deeper into the history and architecture of this ancient wonder, offering the flexibility to visit at a more relaxed pace.

Your guide will supply these passes but be sure you receive them and keep handy throughout the tour.

With strategic packing focused on comfort, sun protection, photography, and respectful attire, you’ll be ready to make the most of exploring Angkor Wat’s incredible temples amid the sunset’s golden glow. Don’t let weather, clothing, or equipment issues get in the way.

What Food and Dining Experiences are Included on an Angkor Wat Sunset Tour?

One aspect many travelers overlook when booking an Angkor Wat sunset tour is the food situation. You’ll be temple trekking for hours on end, so having meals and snacks included can be crucial. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

Pre-Tour Breakfast

Most tours don’t include breakfast, so eat sufficient energizing fuel beforehand. Some high-end tours offer breakfast either at your hotel or special venues.

Rest Stop Snacks and Refreshments

Reputable tour providers make periodic snack and water stops between temples. Rehydrating and refueling is vital in Cambodia’s tropical climate.

Lunch Options

Some tours include lunch at restaurants near Angkor ticket checkpoints or scenic rest stops. Otherwise, you buy your own lunch at spots suggested by the guide. Having cash for this is key.

Sunset Dinner

Nighttime tours often provide an indulgent sunset dinner, like a gourmet Khmer feast or champagne picnic with Angkor Wat views. Magical!

In-Temple Treats

Unique sunset tours surprise guests with fruit plates, eucalyptus towels, or snacks at opportune moments within the ancient temples themselves for a special touch.

Special Cuisine Events

High-end private tours may arrange exclusive dining experiences like meals hosted by a chef in their villa or flipping your own crepes inside the ruins.

Don’t assume your sunset tour includes all food and drinks. Understand what’s provided versus on your own dime. With the right refreshments and energizing meals timed throughout your Angkor exploits, you’ll stay comfortable, hydrated, and fueled to fully soak in the majesty of the temples.

How Can I Customize My Angkor Wat Sunset Tour Experience?

An exciting aspect of booking a private Angkor Wat sunset tour is having the flexibility to fully customize your experience amid the iconic Cambodian ruins. Here are ways to tailor the adventure exactly how you desire:

Pick Specific Temples

Discuss your main temple interests with your guide so they can recommend the best itinerary and route to match. Focus on the highlights that intrigue you most.

Pace It As You Wish

You control the pace. Move faster between sites you’re less excited by and linger for hours if desired at favorite spots like Angkor Wat or Ta Prohm.

Request Hidden Gems

Have your guide take you to their favorite off-the-beaten-path ruins, quiet corridors, and overlooks only locals know. Get those unique insider perspectives.

Add On Sunrise

Complement your sunset tour by tacking on sunrise at Angkor Wat to your itinerary. Rise early to witness another magical hour.

Incorporate Spiritual Elements

If it appeals, schedule time to meditate at sacred sites or observe monk rituals for an authentic experience.

Focus Your Passions

Share your interests like history, architecture, archaeology so your guide can point out related highlights and tailor their commentary.

Special Arrangements

If you have the budget, arrange private blessings by monks, exclusive dining events, or helicopter overflights. The sky’s the limit!

The beauty of opting for a private Angkor Wat sunset tour is tailoring each moment so you fully indulge your passions. With flexibility and personalization, Angkor becomes whatever experience speaks to your spirit. Shape your custom temple quest!

PS: I still vividly remember my first sunset at Angkor Wat years ago. Seeing its regal spires light up in fiery orange while sitting atop the hillside temple of Phnom Bakheng completely enthralled me. As the sky exploded in color, the dense jungle silhouetted around Angkor’s ancient stones, and bats darted through the evening air, I was overcome with awe.

That magical moment sparked my passion for Angkor and led me to found My Siem Reap Tours. I wanted to share the wonder of exploring these ruins at sunset, when their otherworldly charm emerges.

Since then, I’ve journeyed through Angkor hundreds of times. My extensive experience led me to craft these secluded private sunset tours for travelers seeking an extraordinary experience. By timing our specialized route to avoid crowds and incorporate the best views, you’ll gain a perspective of Angkor that eludes most visitors.

My team and I poured all our insider knowledge into designing this tour—our labor of love. When you watch the sunset from our off-the-beaten-path lookouts or gain exclusive after-hours access to candle-lit temple chambers, I hope a similar sense of wonder captivates you. Seeing Angkor’s majesty in such an intimate, spiritual way profoundly deepens what this sacred place means.

Whether you seek seclusion, flexibility, or just want to fall in love with Angkor all over again, this is the tour for you. I can’t wait to guide you on an adventure you’ll treasure forever. Let’s unlock Angkor’s magic!

About the Author: Mat is the founder of My Siem Reap Tours, dedicated to crafting personalized Angkor Wat experiences away from the crowds. He’s spent years uncovering hidden corners, building local connections, and sharing the beauty of Angkor’s temples with travelers from around the world.

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