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Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour Multi Temples (2 Bonus Included) the first and only one that lets you choose which temples to see! [You are the Pioneer, your choice of attractions to explore!]

From: $39

  • How to book this tour?
  • 1. Select the number of guests
  • 2. Select a date on the calendar
  • 3. click on the book now button
  • 4. No Hassle - Secure Payments with STRIPE- No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! 
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Embrace the Dawn with Your Angkor Wat Tour: Unleash Your Inner Explorer on the Ultimate Customizable Multi-Temple Adventure!

Private Sunrise Guided Tour (Perfect if you have only 1 day to visit Angkor and the 1 Day Angkor ticket pass of $37)

Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour Multi Temples is the first and only one that lets you choose which temples to see! You are the pioneer, your choice of attractions to explore!

And it doesn’t end here with Your Angkor Wat Tour!

[TWO Bonus included: ONE included coffee break after Angkor Sunrise + ONE Tasty traditional Khmer Lok Lak per person at Angkor Local restaurant]


Our best professional local guide is always with you!


Our modern air-conditioned Starex Minivan gives you all comforts with included fresh water bottles]


Which full-day Angkor Wat Tour TOP EDITION do you choose?

Your Angkor Wat Tour Full-Day OPTION 1 | Mystical Majesty: Angkor Wat temple at sunrise ▷ Bayon temple ▷ Ta Prohm temple ▷ Banteay Kdei temple

Your Angkor Wat Tour Full-Day OPTION 2 | Sacred Sunrise Saga: Angkor Wat temple at sunrise ▷ [FULL ANGKOR THOM] Bayon temple ▷ Baphuon Temple ▷ Phimeanakas temple ▷ Terrace of the Elephants ▷ Terrace Of The Leper King ▷ Preah Pithu temple and Prasat Kor Sak Temple ▷ Prasat Krae Preah temple

Your Angkor Wat Tour Full-Day OPTION 3 | Eternal Echoes: Angkor Wat temple at sunrise ▷ Bayon temple ▷ Victory Gate with a walk to the special Khmoch Gate (Gate of the Dead) ▷ Ta Keo temple ▷ Ta Prohm temple

Your Angkor Wat Tour Full-Day OPTION 4 | Ancient Whispers: Angkor Wat temple at sunrise ▷ Bayon temple ▷ Ta Prohm temple ▷ Drive to Siem Reap Countryside toward Wat Athvear temple and the famous Lotus Farm ▷ Visit the amazing Chong Kneas Fisherman Village ▷ The surprising Phnom Krom viewpoint on Tonle Sap Lake

Like never before! Embark on a breathtaking journey where YOU get to handpick the ancient temples that captivate your heart. Unravel the mysteries of Cambodia’s architectural wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your dream adventure awaits – seize the moment and tailor your once-in-a-lifetime temple exploration NOW!


Let the excitement begin!

  1. Head over to our tour booking page’s calendar and choose the date that ignites your wanderlust.
  2. Next, gather your fellow adventurers and select the number of guests in your group.
  3. Now, prepare for the most thrilling part – deciding on the enchanting itinerary that will spark your soul!

Delve into the magic of Angkor Wat and create memories that will be treasured forever. Your extraordinary journey starts now!

Attention, dear explorers and pioneers! As you immerse yourself in the captivating details of our enchanting Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise hidden within the page. We’ve tucked away an exclusive gift just for you – a discount code that unlocks an irresistible price cut for your adventure! Will you be the lucky one to uncover this treasure? Read on, dear traveler, and let the thrill of discovery guide you to a rewarding journey ahead.”

Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Multi Temples Tour | Key Details

  • Location: Angkor Wat National Park
  • Duration: 11 Hours
  • Departure Time: your Hotel lobby: 4:10 AM – 4:30 AM
  • Return Time: 5:00 to 6:00 PM (approx.)
  • Live Guide: Yes
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Printed Voucher Accepted
  • Pick-Up Service: at the Lobby of your Hotel
  • There will be a maximum of 10 people on this tour/activity.

Benefit from Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Multi Temples Tour : the unique opportunity to enjoy the greatest sunrise of Angkor Wat with a great mixture of other wonderful attractions in Angkor and Siem Reaps.

Angkor Wat Tour – What to Expect

Gentlemen, It’s time to put your little brains on “on” and give yourselves a wake-up call….

  • Your private driver is your chauffeur.
  • Your private guide will be your concierge and your photographer’s assistant.

You don’t have to share anything with any stranger sitting next to you on a silly shared tour that puts you in the crowd and forces you to wait for others and beg the guide to stop at the bathroom each time… Strong words that might somewhat annoy you, but the situation out there with shared tours has now become incorrigible.

Forget about this stuff here.

You’ll be rewarded for your choice with an exclusive service and a five-star hand-picked route.

Live Guide

A local guide who speaks fluent English and has years of experience.

Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour | What’s Included in the Price

✔️This Angkor Wat Tour is Ideal for evading crowds.

✔️ Coffee Break: with Coffee/Tea and Water included.

✔️ Meal: E delicious Traditional Khmer Lok Lak with a fruit shake, a soft drink or a beer at your choice

✔️ Transportation by luxury minivan to and from your hotel.

✔️ Tour Guide Who Is Very Fluent In English.

✔️ Ample Supply of Iced Water Bottles and Crisp, Chilled Towels.

✔️ Costs imposed by the community at large (aka local taxes).

✔️ Mobile ticket

Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour Hyper Benefits

✅ Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Embrace the freedom to create your own unforgettable Angkor Wat experience, handpicking the mystical temples that speak to your soul. Marvel at the breathtaking Angkor Wat sunrise, a celestial spectacle that will etch itself in your heart and mind forever.

✅ Invest in Your Happiness: Embark on a soul-enriching journey that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the world’s beauty, reawakening your spirit and reigniting your passion for exploration.

✅ Immerse Yourself in Ancient Wonders: Delve deep into Cambodia’s architectural masterpieces’ captivating history and stories, discovering secrets that have withstood the test of time. Revel in personalized attention and experience the undivided attention and expertise of our Best local professional guide.

✅ Travel in Ultimate Comfort: Enjoy our modern, air-conditioned Starex Minivan, providing you with the utmost comfort and complimentary fresh water bottles as you explore Angkor’s wonders. The air-conditioned minivan is always used to drive visitors between the several temples at Angkor so that they don’t have to walk in the scorching heat.

✅ Forge Lifelong Bonds: Share this once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your fellow explorers, creating cherished memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Bring home the magic of Angkor Wat through breathtaking photographs, aided by our knowledgeable guide who will help you uncover the most photogenic spots.

✅ Savor Exquisite Local Delicacies: Indulge in a mouthwatering traditional Khmer Lok Lak meal, a culinary journey that will delight your senses and introduce you to the rich flavors of Cambodia.

✅ Skip the Crowds: Say goodbye to the hassles of shared tours and relish the exclusivity of your tailor-made itinerary, ensuring a truly immersive and authentic experience.

What’s Not Included

Your Angkor temple pass is not included in this Angkor Wat Tour.

Angkor Wat Tour – What You’ll Do

Discover the Magic of Angkor: A Journey That Will Touch Your Soul and Ignite Your Imagination!

Dive into the mystical world of Angkor Wat with our one-of-a-kind, customizable Multi-Temple Adventure, where YOU are the pioneer shaping your own extraordinary experience! In just one day, you can witness the breathtaking Angkor sunrise and explore the architectural wonders that have captivated hearts for centuries.

Our tour is brimming with exclusive perks, including a delightful coffee break after the mesmerizing Angkor sunrise, a traditional Khmer Lok Lak meal to tantalize your taste buds, and the expertise of our professional local guide who will accompany you every step of the way. Travel in style and comfort with our modern air-conditioned Starex Minivan, complete with refreshing water bottles to keep you rejuvenated.

Now, prepare to be awestruck as you choose from our four spectacular itineraries:

  1. Mystical Majesty: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm Temple, and Banteay Kdei Temple
  2. Sacred Sunrise Saga: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Full Angkor Thom, and other majestic sights
  3. Eternal Echoes: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Bayon Temple, Victory Gate, Ta Keo Temple, and Ta Prohm Temple
  4. Ancient Whispers: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm Temple, Siem Reap Countryside, and more

The journey of a lifetime awaits! To secure your spot on this magical adventure, head to our tour booking page, select your desired date, and gather your fellow explorers. Together, you’ll embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the enchanting world of Angkor Wat, creating memories that will be cherished for eternity.

Embrace the magic, ignite your wanderlust, and join us for an unforgettable experience that will resonate deep within your soul. The mystical world of Angkor Wat is calling – are you ready to answer?

Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Multi Temples Tour – Important Information

Dress Respectfully!

  • When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders, and you may wear trousers or knee-length pants or skirts.

Don’t Forget to Bring

➱ Carry some sunscreen with you to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun!

➱ Carry some insect repellent with you, because there are pesky bugs in every corner of Cambodia.

➱ While there are some great treks to do in and around the temples, we should all make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking.

Meeting point for your tour departure

Angkor Wat Sunrise shared tour – Semi-Private Sunrise Guided Tour

Free Pick-up Service: meet your driver at your Hotel lobby in Siem Reap.

Start time: 04:10 AM to 04:30 AM.

Tour departs at 5:00 am.

Drop off back at Hotel around 5 to 6 PM.

Know Before You Go

  • When you book, you receive a confirmation in your email with your tour e-ticket.
  • Wheelchair access is not available.
  • The dress code is relaxed and informal. When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful.
  • It is advised to bring an insect repellant.
  • Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions.
  • If you prefer a shorter version of the Sunrise tour you can visit the dedicated page here! The shorter version includes only Angkor Wat temple at sunrise, Bayon temple and Ta Prohm temple.
  • Accessible for strollers.
  • It is not suggested for travelers who have back difficulties.
  • Travelers should be in good physical condition. (discount code: Iamthepioneer)
  • The rates include any relevant government tax.
  • All the rates listed above are net and in US dollars per group.
  • The program schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • The exact pick-up and drop-off times will be communicated via email.
  • Dropping time cannot be guaranteed because it depends on the situation and traffic.

Why Private Group Tours?

Experience the Perfect Balance of Togetherness and Individuality: Where Every Moment is Uniquely Yours!

Our carefully crafted tours strike the ideal balance between a vibrant communal atmosphere and the intimate freedom to explore at your own pace. We’ve poured our hearts into designing these tours, so you can savor every moment, creating a lifetime of cherished memories.

Your testimonials have spoken, and we have listened! Time and time again, our guests have praised the magic of our small group experiences. That’s why we’ve set our standard upper limit for group size, ensuring that the essence of personal connection and individual discovery remains at the heart of each adventure.

Trust in the expertise of a professional tour planner who understands the value of both camaraderie and solitude. Embark on a journey that honors your uniqueness while forging bonds with fellow explorers. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about where you go, it’s about the unforgettable moments you share along the way.

Why Local guides?

Follow in the footsteps of our tour guide. These local experts refer to your stunning tour destination as “home.”

  • Get ready, relax and learn about local treasures, folklore, personalities, and historical information!
  • Prepare to receive and discover what every other traveler misses when they simply search and surf the web.

What is the sanitization policy for the Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Multi Temples Tour?

  • Travelers and workers can use hand sanitizer.
  • Regular sanitization of transportation vehicles.
  • Checks on the staff’s temperature at regular intervals.
  • Staff members experiencing symptoms are eligible for a paid leave of absence.

Get only the Top Rated itineraries and the Top Rated tour experience at the best Value possible

✅ Professionally trained and licensed tour guides, operators, and drivers.

✅ Only carefully curated, tried-and-true adventures, selected trips that have been thoroughly tested.

✅ Daily departures and the ability to accommodate journeys planned at the last minute.

✅ Come together in a more intimate setting, smaller groups with like-minded people who share your perspective on things and getaways with a focus on environmental stewardship and community service.

Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Multi Temples Tour:

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Looking for something else private but with a different sunset experience, something out of the ordinary? Check the Private Angkor Wat Special tour with Phnom Bok Sunset


OPTION 1 | Mystical Majesty

OPTION 2 | Sacred Sunrise Saga

OPTION 3 | Eternal Echoes

OPTION 4 | Ancient Whispers

A suggested tour option from our tour guide experts: Ta Nei Opening Time Tour Experience

Tour confirmation

For the tour confirmation:

  • Upon completing your reservation, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with an e-ticket from us.
  • A second email will follow with your tour guide and driver’s information on the day of the excursion. You’ll be able to reach them at this number if your hotel pick-up is a bit delayed since this might happen from time to time due to traffic or other customers running behind schedule. Hand the tour guide number to your hotel reception so they can take care of the call!
  • We ask that you please tell us if there are any problems or changes to the location/hotel where your trip will begin. Notify us via email if you’d like to alter the tour’s pick-up location or hotel after booking.

The time to act is now.

Pickup details

  • We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, but please provide us with your hotel name and address so that our tour and driver can greet you in the lobby.
[On the checkout page, filling up your data, you will see a dedicated space to write a note for us, including your pick-up place, as your meeting point to start the tour will be at your hotel lobby].


While filling out your information on the checkout page, you will notice a special box to add a note for us, including your pick-up location, as your meeting point to begin the trip will be at your hotel lobby.

Following your reservation, we will provide you with all the pick-up information and schedule through email.

The meeting site for your tour pick-up and land transport is outside the hotel lobby near reception, outside your villa or rental airbnb.

The driver will arrive and ask for your name and voucher number, which you will provide on your mobile device.

What is a an Experience on MySiemReapTour?
  1. Itineraries are created in collaboration with notable travel bloggers, local experts, and the best-rated local guides.
  2. Small groups only! No buses, no crowds, and a limit of 10 passengers, with only top-notch modern leather-seat minivans.

The booking process

How do I reserve a tour?

Find your favorite Angkor Wat tour or Siem Reap tour, select the number of guests, select a date on the calendar, and click on the “book now” button.

You will then enter your contact information to arrive at the payment page and receive your booking confirmation email. 

Begin the journey!

When buying a tour, what does ‘Instant Confirmation’ mean?

It means you will receive an instant confirmation of your booking via the email address you provided when you registered with MySiemReapTours, together with your payment receipt.

Your instant confirmation is your tour E-ticket.

Your confirmed booking, including all relevant details, will also be visible on your personal booking dashboard.

What is the longest time it takes to confirm a tour?

Most of the tours are confirmed in minutes. For a few private tours, we might need 1 hour or 2 to organize all your tour needs.

MySiemReapTours accepts which currencies?

We support transactions in U.S. dollars. If you are from a different region, the charges should immediately be converted into the currency of your home country by your credit card.

Most major credit cards can be used to pay for a MySiemReapTours activity.

Is it feasible to pay in cash or in person for an activity?

MySiemReapTours does not currently accept cash payments, and our physical locations do not handle ticketing or booking.

What should I do if the driver fails to arrive on time?

No worries, please contact the phone shown in the “contact tour operator/guide” part of your booking confirmation email for updates.

Who should I contact if I need to modify my reservation details?

Please notify us of any changes to your pick-up address, phone number, or email address.

What should I do if my plans change?

Please contact MySiemReapTours.

…or use the online chat to contact us.

Please keep in mind that last-minute modifications may not be permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

➤ The temple of Angkor at dawn is a spectacle to behold, but is it really worth waking up so early?

See what our guests have to say: “Upon arriving in Angor, it became evident that the effort had been more than justified! The tour is really well arranged, although there are other passengers present. The three temple sites we went to were incredible, and as a result, we have a lot of wonderful photographs. Note that this tour does not include access to Angkor Wat and will cost you 37 dollars per person if you choose to visit the temple on your own”.

➤ If I just had a short amount of time in Siem Reap, would you recommend that I go on this tour?

Our tour guides will provide you with the highest level of attention, assistance, and any information you require. After many years of experience, the trip itself is carried out expertly.

If you are only going to be in Siem Reap for a short time, most of our previous visitors think you should go on this tour.

Depending on the time of year, we may even operate the tour with a smaller number of participants; for example, some groups may consist of only six or eight people.

➤ Is there a specific dress requirement to enter Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat has a strict dress code that forbids visitors to wear clothes that are too revealing. This includes items that expose the shoulders, knees, or cleavage. When going to Angkor Wat, tourists are asked to dress modestly and cover their shoulders and knees with long skirts or pants that reach below their knees.

What about leggings? Can you wear leggings to Angkor Wat?

Again, at the places of worship, you SHOULD NOT wear very revealing clothes because doing so is considered disrespectful. The stairs are steep and narrow and have high risers, most of which are worn and uneven. A sarong is acceptable, but it is not a good idea because of the stairs. If your leggings are long enough to cover your knees, you can wear them. On the other hand, you might find that they get heated later.

➤ Do I need a guide for Angkor Wat?

The temple, which many people in Cambodia regard as the country’s spiritual and cultural hub, is beautiful from a distance. Still, it is even more impressive when you start walking toward it. Because the entire complex is so enormous, first-time visitors to Angkor may feel both entranced and overwhelmed by the overwhelming number of people who visit the site each year. This is because the entire complex is so large (about two million, with the majority coming between November and February).

Do you start to see why you need a guide to visit Angkor Wat?

No matter how many times you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed, glanced at the Cambodian flag, or walked by the stands selling fridge magnets, blogs,  guidebooks, market t-shirts with the beloved 5-towered building emblazoned on the front, nothing can prepare you for the first time you see the Angkor Wat temples in person.

All travelers who made the dumb mistake of not pre-booking a tour of the temples highly advocate going to Angkor Wat with a guide.

➤ What is the best time to visit Angkor Wat?

The dry season, which forms in late November and lasts until about the middle of April, is ostensibly the ideal time to visit Angkor Wat. This is the time of year when temperatures drop, making for milder days.

However, keep in mind that this is the busiest time of year for tourists, so expect crowds and increased rates.

Siem Reap’s high temperatures in April and May are compounded by the sticky humidity brought on by the rainy weather in May.

Rain is common from June to November in Angkor Wat, but this is a good time to visit because the temples will be less crowded, and the tropical scenery will be at its lush green best. Packing an umbrella is a good idea, but the rain is usually short and interspersed with sunny periods, so you may still get some great shots of Angkor Wat and the surrounding area.

➤ REMINDER! Put on some comfortable shoes and sun protection.

Put on some comfortable shoes and sun protection.

Especially at Angkor Wat, which is the largest religious structure in the world, there will be a significant amount of walking required.

Many other temples will require a substantial amount of walking!

Bring along sun protection items like a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. These are essential to have.

You should also consider bringing insect repellent, particularly if you will be there during the early morning or late evening hours when the mosquitoes are most active.

➤ Can I find toilets and Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm both have proper toilets, and Bayon (and some others) have some renovated toilets as well. On the main roads, toilets are located in the proximity of the parking lots. Ask your tour guide for a comfortable stop!

If you have a valid entrance ticket, using the restrooms will not cost you anything. However, some toilet cleaners may ask for a little tip.

4 reviews for Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour Multi Temples (2 Bonus Included) the first and only one that lets you choose which temples to see! [You are the Pioneer, your choice of attractions to explore!]

  1. Claud Naughton

    I went on the Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour with Many Temples, and it was a fantastic experience for me. Those who can only spend one day in Angkor and want to see as much of the temple complex as possible should sign up for this tour. The private guided tour that we went on was really educational, and our tour guide had a lot of knowledge to share with us about the culture and history of the temples. This tour is unlike any other since you get to select the temples that you go to, making it one of a kind and giving it a more personal feel. The most breathtakingly gorgeous part of the journey was the sunrise at Angkor Wat, which was the highlight of the visit. In general, if you are going to Angkor Wat, you should absolutely go on this tour. I can’t say enough good things about it. The tour is not only well-organized and instructive, but it also provides a one-of-a-kind and individualized experience.

  2. Kirstin and Luca

    If you’re in Cambodia, you simply must go on the Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour. Our party found that the private tour was the best option because we could tailor the trip to our interests. Friendly and well-informed, our guide escorted us to several temples we would have missed otherwise. The sunrise at Angkor Wat was the tour’s most memorable moment. Thanks to the tour’s inclusion of two extra stops, we were able to view even more of the surrounding countryside. I think the Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour is well worth the cost and I recommend it to anyone interested in visiting the temple complex.

  3. Ryuta Katayama

    I took the Full-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour Multi Temples, and I must say, it was a fantastic experience! The sunrise at Angkor Wat was magical, and the temples were breathtakingly beautiful. The best part of my tour was that we went on the temple’s route called Eternal Echoes, as we wanted to visit the top 3 temples but also something more unique, giving us a chance to customize our experience. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, offering significant insights into each temple’s history and architecture. The tour was well-organized, and we could see all the temples we wanted to without feeling rushed. I highly recommend this tour to anyone planning to visit Angkor Wat – it’s worth every dollar!

  4. Rodriguez Martinez

    I had an amazing experience on this tour! I was able to get a sunrise tour of Angkor Wat before the crowds. My guide and I were the only two people on the tour but it was still fun and interactive. It was a great way to explore this famous temple and be in the perfect spot to witness the Angkor Wat sunrise. The tour was informative and a great way to spend a morning in Siem Reap.

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