The Extraordinary Celebration of Cambodia's Bon Om Touk Water Festival

The Extraordinary Celebration of Cambodia's Bon Om Touk Water Festival

The annual 3-day Bon Om Touk festival in November brings over a million spectators to Cambodia to celebrate the reversing flows of the Tonle Sap river. This visual feast of boat races, fireworks, and illuminated flotillas showcases unique aspects of Khmer culture.

Cambodia's Bon Om Touk Water Festival

The Cambodia Water Festival, locally known as Bon Om Touk, is an extraordinary annual event held throughout the country. Drawing over a million spectators, this celebration of the reversing flows of the Tonle Sap river is a visual feast of illuminated boats, fireworks, and traditional pageantry.

After a decade-long hiatus, the festival returned in full form in 2019 to once again showcase unique aspects of Cambodian culture and provide families and friends an opportunity to come together in joy.

In this extensive guide, you’ll discover everything about Cambodia’s magical Water Festival from its origins and locations to its must-see events and travel tips for visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bon Om Touk is held in November coinciding with a full moon during peak water flows.
  • Colorful boats race along the Tonle Sap river near Phnom Penh during the 3-day festival.
  • Illuminated flotillas fill the river banks at night with designs honoring the moon.
  • Traditional costumes, music, and special foods are part of the cultural celebrations.
  • The return of Bon Om Touk in 2019 revitalized this beloved national holiday.
  • Visitors can easily take part in witnessing the boat races, fireworks, and illuminated boat displays.
  • Advance planning for accommodations and transportation helps maximize your Water Festival experience.

When and Where is Bon Om Touk Celebrated in Cambodia?

The annual 3-day Bon Om Touk festival takes place in November coinciding with a full moon at the height of the rainy season in Cambodia. This is when the flow of the Tonle Sap river reverses direction to empty into the Mekong river after months of receiving water from the Mekong.

The exact dates vary year to year as the festival is scheduled around the lunar calendar. In recent years, Bon Om Touk has occurred in early to mid-November.

The festivities center around the capital city of Phnom Penh but also extend throughout the country. The provinces of Siem Reap, Battambang, Kampong Cham, and Kampong Thom have active Water Festival celebrations.

The Origins of the Cambodia Water Festival

Bon Om Touk has its roots in long-held water and moon worship customs. The annual changing flows of the Tonle Sap have been essential for agriculture and fishing for centuries. This phenomenon came to represent renewal and was viewed as a miracle.

Ancient Hindu rituals to venerate the power of water blended with Buddhist practices honoring the moon. Mass river blessings and boat races emerged as part of paying homage to the life-giving forces of nature.

When the Khmer Empire was at its peak between the 9th-13th centuries, elaborate Water Festivals took place in the ancient city of Angkor. Following the fall of Angkor, the tradition continued in Cambodia’s smaller river towns.

Exciting Boat Races Occur During Bon Om Touk

One of the main highlights of the Water Festival is the exhilarating boat races that occur along the Tonle Sap river near Phnom Penh. Hundreds of sleek, colorful boats compete to cheers from spectators on shore.

The races take place on temporary courses set up on the river. Viewing areas on the river banks allow onlookers to get close to the action.

Teams train intensely all year long for the challenging competition. Expert boatmen pilot the slender vessels to incredible speeds. Coordination, rhythm and power determine the winners.

These traditional wooden racing boats are called “sampans” and are a tribute to Cambodia’s history as a river culture. Fierce rivalries play out between teams from different towns and organizations.

When and Where is Bon Om Touk Celebrated in Cambodia

Capturing Incredible Memories (With Your Camera)

A picture is worth a thousand words, but some moments during the Cambodia Water Festival defy what words can convey. Ensure you’ll be able to cherish these experiences forever by bringing your best camera gear and capturing stunning images.

Some prime photo ops to be on the lookout for:

  • Illuminated vessels gliding down the river at dusk
  • Graphic silhouettes of boats against the iconic skyline
  • The serene scene of floating lotus candles during the blessing ritual
  • Dragon boats mid-race with paddlers digging their oars in unison
  • Sweeping shots of massive crowds gathered along the riverbanks
  • Market vendors and festival-goers in bright traditional dress
  • Children’s ecstatic faces enjoying carnival rides and fireworks
  • Intricate carvings and decorations on the royal barges
  • Monks praying under the full moonlight on the water
  • Fireworks reflecting off the river with boats in the foreground

Don’t forget to be part of the fun yourself! Hand your camera off to fellow travelers or your guide to get pictures posing in front of key sites and monuments. You’ll feel transported back to the excitement when you flip through these happy snaps.

Where Illuminated Boat Parades Fill the River Banks During Bon Om Touk

After sunset each day of the festival, illuminated flotillas fill the shores of the Tonle Sap and Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh. This is a magical sight with boats of all sizes elaborately decorated with glowing lights.

Many boats have traditional motifs relating to the moon and water. Others display more modern or whimsical lighting designs. Music and traditional dances occur on some of the larger boats.

The illuminated processions symbolize offerings to the moon. In Phnom Penh, the bright flotillas gather and drift along the waterfront filling the night with dazzling colors.

The best viewing spots are along Sisowath Quay near the Royal Palace, Independence Monument, and Chrouy Changwar Peninsula.

Traditional Costumes and Celebrations During Bon Om Touk

The Cambodia Water Festival incorporates the country’s classical dance and musical heritage. Performances occur throughout the 3 days often accompanied by traditional orchestras.

Participants and spectators wear classical Cambodian costumes. Woman often dress in traditional silk skirts called “sampot” adorned with flowers. Intricately embroidered tops complete the look.

Men don loose-fitting trousers along with a collarless shirt. Vibrant silk scarves decorated with motifs like birds and elephants add flair.

Special traditional foods are prepared and shared during Bon Om Touk. Rice cakes, coconut sweets and seasonal fruits are common festival treats.

The Epic Bon Om Touk Fireworks Show Lights Up the Skies

Huge fireworks displays explode over the Tonle Sap river in Phnom Penh on all three nights of Bon Om Touk. These shows have been a mainstay of the Water Festival for generations.

The fireworks are visible from most spots along Sisowath Quay and the Chrouy Changwar Peninsula. Arrive early to stake out ideal viewing real estate and witness the towers of dazzling, booming fireworks.

In recent years, the displays have incorporated exciting new pyrotechnic effects and choreography. Tens of thousands of fireworks paint the sky for 30 minutes or longer.

The epic scale of the Bon Om Touk fireworks makes them among the largest shows in Southeast Asia. They fittingly cap off each evening’s illuminated boat parades.

The Return of the Water Festival Holidays in 2019

After cancellations of the event in 2010-2012 and scaled down festivities from 2013-2018, the Cambodia Water Festival returned in full form in November 2019. This marked the renewed revival of this beloved national holiday.

The decade-long interruption was due to various social, economic and environmental factors. Many Cambodians feared their grandest cultural tradition might never be the same.

However, the spectacular and peaceful Bon Om Touk festival in 2019 provided assurance that this is an enduring ritual commemorating the country’s intimate connection with water. It represents themes of renewal, blessing, community and reverence for nature.

How to View the Boat Races, Fireworks and Illuminated Boats

Visitors wishing to take part in the action during Bon Om Touk can easily view the main events like the boat races, fireworks displays, and illuminated flotillas.

Arrive at least an hour early to get a good spot with an unobstructed perspective. Areas along Sisowath Quay and the Chrouy Changwar Peninsula fill up fast.

There are so many vantage points that getting glimpses is not difficult. Be prepared to stand for several hours and protect gear from crowds.

Roads close near the river, so take public transportation like tuk-tuks or motorbike taxis. Travel light and keep valuables secure. Bring snacks and drinks to enjoy.

How to View the Boat Races, Fireworks and Illuminated Boats

Food and Drink to Fuel Your Festival Fun

With all the walking, cheering, celebrating, and reveling during Bon Om Touk, you’ll work up an appetite! Luckily, the festival also offers a feast for your taste buds.

Vendors run pop-up food stalls and augmented restaurant menus overflow with Cambodian flavors:

  • Banh chhev – Steamed rice cakes topped with beans, coconut meat, or pork
  • Nam ben – Chewy rice noodles served with fish broth and herbs
  • Fried noodles – Crispy noodles, tofu, sprouts, egg, and vegetables
  • Bobor – Sweet porridge flavored with jasmine rice, coconut milk, ginger, and fruit
  • Grilled meat skewers – Marinated pork, chicken, beef, or fish grilled on street barbecue pits
  • Fresh spring rolls – Rice wrappers stuffed with shrimp, herbs, pork, and vermicelli noodles
  • Mango sticky rice – Sliced ripe mango atop sweet sticky rice with coconut sauce
  • Sugar palm juice – Sweet nectar harvested from palm trees and enjoyed fresh
  • Khmer iced coffee – Local Arabica beans shaken with condensed milk over ice

Don’t miss the chance to sample authentic dishes you can only find in Cambodia during Bon Om Touk. It’s the tastiest way to experience the culture!

Pro Tip: Always drink bottled water and avoid uncooked produce to stay healthy.

Advance Planning Makes for a Stress-Free Bon Om Touk Holiday

With over a million people attending from all across Cambodia, Phnom Penh is packed during the 3-day Water Festival. Advance planning takes hassle out of your visit.

Book accommodations months in advance. Top hotels sell out early. Consider staying outside the city center and using tuk-tuks to get around.

Arrange for transportation to get from the airport to your hotel if possible. The festival severely impacts traffic. Travel times double or triple.

Bring earplugs to dampen noise from the all-night festivities. Expect packed streets and venues – go with the flow. Smile through challenges and immerse yourself in the collective joy.

  1. Book accommodations 4-6 months in advance for the best selection and rates.
  2. Look at lodging options outside the crowded downtown. Weigh convenience versus comfort.
  3. Pre-arrange airport transfers and tour packages before arrival. This avoids hassles navigating crowded roads.
  4. For couples, consider a romantic holiday package that includes nice hotels, tours, transfers and some meals.
  5. Pack light, bring snacks/water, and secure valuables on your person. Expect crowded venues shoulder-to-shoulder.
  6. Download an offline map to help navigate busy streets. Don’t rely solely on mobile data.
  7. Bring earplugs and sleep mask to block noise/light at night. The revelry goes until dawn.
  8. Allow double normal travel time between destinations. Streets are packed and many roads close.
  9. Dress for comfort, wear proper footwear for long periods on your feet, and bring rain gear in case.
  10. Leave big camera gear at your hotel. Bring only what you can carry securely at all times.

Conclusion on an Epic Journey during the Cambodia Water Festival

Attending Bon Om Touk provides the opportunity to experience Cambodia at its most jubilant. This ancient ritual honoring the country’s spiritual connection with water represents an exuberant celebration of life.

From the graceful illuminated flotillas to the fast-paced longboat races, you’ll witness a people proudly showcasing their cultural roots. And the stunning fireworks displays offer sensory overload.

While crowded, hot and at times chaotic, embrace the passion and community spirit of the Khmer people during the Water Festival. Go with flexibility and openness to fully soak in the magic.

At My Siem Reap Tours, we organize personalized packages for Cambodian Water Festival. Contact us for details on custom tours, luxury accommodation, convenient transportation, and immersive experiences at this year’s Bon Om Touk. We’ll provide local expertise to help craft your ideal Cambodia holiday.


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