Are tourists in Cambodia required to have a valid driver's license? | Do I need an international driver's license in Cambodia?

To be allowed behind the wheel in Cambodia, visitors from other countries need to be in possession of a valid Cambodian license. You can apply for a Cambodian license that is similar to yours in person at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s main office in Phnom Penh or at their branch inside Aeon 2 Mall. In order to obtain a Cambodian driver’s license, you will need to pass a test if you do not hold a valid license from another country.

Riding a motorcycle that has an engine capacity of 125 cc or less does not require a valid driver’s license. Even if you don’t need a license to drive a motorcycle with a smaller engine where you are, you should check with your travel insurance to see if this will affect your coverage in any way.

International licenses are not currently accepted in Cambodia, but local officials have made it clear that they plan to change this soon.

In March 2020, the Royal Cambodian Government finished a thorough review and update of the Kingdom’s traffic laws and the penalties for breaking them. Driving through Cambodia is an adventure in and of itself. Because roads can be very dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians, it is important to be very careful whenever you are on or near a road.

Visitors who want to drive a car in Cambodia after staying there for less than six months must have a valid Cambodian driver’s license. Even if the law in Cambodia does not permit you to have a driver’s license for motorcycles with smaller engines, it is still recommended that you check with your travel insurance to determine whether or not your coverage will be impacted.

Are tourists in Cambodia required to have a valid driver's license. Find out here.

Driving Requirements

International travelers may have to take a driving test or show a valid driver’s license from their home country. Even though an IDP is valid in Cambodia, drivers who plan to stay in the country for a long time should also think about getting an international license.

Drivers over the age of 65 must always carry with them the results of their most recent comprehensive medical exam, which must include an eye exam. For a foreign driver to get a license in Cambodia, they must first get one of the following:

• Copy of the traveler’s passport
• Copy of the traveler’s valid entry visa
• Three photographs of the traveler in passport size
• Copy of the traveler’s national driver’s license and a translation of the license if the license is not in French or English
• Certificate of medication (applicable for senior citizen drivers only)

Speed Limit

Drivers in Cambodia have to stick to a certain speed limit on a certain road, just like drivers in any other country. On any road in Cambodia, you must follow the speed limits listed below.

In the cities:

  • As the driver of a motorcycle or tricycle, you can go no faster than 30 kilometers per hour.
  • All motorists are required to adhere to a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour when operating their vehicles.

Outside the towns:

  • Drivers of all types of vehicles are required to travel at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour.
  • The maximum speed for trucks with a combined weight of more than 3.5 tons is limited to 70 kilometers per hour.
  • The maximum speed for vehicles pulling trailers is restricted to 60 kilometers per hour.

Drunk driving Rules and Distracted Driving

In order to help pass laws about accidents caused by drunk driving, drivers will have to pay fines of between 250,000 and 800,000 Riel, which is about $60 to $200. These fines will be imposed for being a certain amount over the limit on the alcohol screening.

In addition, drivers won’t be able to finish the journey they started. There has been no determination made regarding the limit or the means by which drivers can get home.

In Cambodia, if you are caught behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol, you will face severe penalties. There is a blood alcohol concentration limit, or BAC, of 2%, which is comparable to that of a champagne or wine glass.

You will also be subject to a fine if you use your mobile phone while driving without a hands-free kit, and this applies even if you are sitting in a traffic jam.


Every tourist absolutely needs to be aware of the parking regulations that are in place in the country that they are visiting. When you get to Cambodia, you can drop off your car in the drop-off lane or park it in the parking lot. The following is a list of the parking regulations that apply to both the drop-off lane and the standard parking:

Drop off Lane (English)

• All vehicles can use the drop-off lane, but you can only use it for a total of ten minutes without having to pay extra.
• After the first ten minutes of free use, you would have to pay a fee that is meant to make you less likely to use it.

I have a license from another country. Can I drive in Thailand

I have a license from another country. Can I drive in Thailand?

If you want to drive in Thailand, you should get an international driver’s license before you go. The International Driver’s License (IDL) is a translation of your official national driver’s license into one of the other 29 official languages of the world.

It is intended to be easy to use and understand for both English and non-English speakers.

Showing the document from the International Automobile Association to the officials who are helping to translate your driver’s license can be helpful for drivers who are traveling overseas and having trouble because of language barriers.

This is because the document is issued by the International Automobile Association.

A passport-style booklet and a plastic card together make up the Individual Driver’s License (IDL) that the IAA issues.

Both of these things, in addition to the primary license, should be carried at all times by the driver.

Most of the big insurance companies in Southeast Asia that do business in the region recognize this license as well.


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