1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – The Classic Angkor Tour

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1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – The Classic Angkor Tour

The all-time classic one-day itinerary to the most significant temples of the Angkor archaeological site!

In order to best capture the creative and historical features of the Great Khmer Kingdom, the standard one-day itinerary to the most important temples of the Angkor archaeological site follows a specific path.

NOTE: The pricing of this Private Temples Tour is determined by the size of the group rather than the individual.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour visits the Ta Prohm temple, one of the most fascinating structures still hidden by enormous centuries-old roots, as well as the Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious building in the world covering an area of more than 2 million square meters.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour also explores the structures that can be found within the walls of the “Great City” of Angkor Thom, including the Bayon Temple, which is famous for the 216 stone faces that have been carved on top of the 54 shrines, the Terrace of the Elephants, the Terrace of the Leper King, the Phimeanakas Temple, and the Preah Palilay Temple. Other landmarks include the Terrace of the Leper King.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour highlights: Ta Prohm Temple ▷ Bayon Temple ▷ Terrace of the Elephants ▷ Terrace of the Leper King ▷ Phimeanakas Temple ▷ Preah Palilay Temple ▷ Angkor Wat before Sunset time.

Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour | Key Details

  • Location: Angkor Wat National Park
  • Duration: 9+ Hours Approximately
  • Departure Time: your Hotel lobby: 8:30 AM – 8:40 AM
  • Return Time: 6:30 – 7:00 PM (approx.) 
  • Live Guide: Yes
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Printed Voucher Accepted
  • Pick-Up Service: at the Lobby of your Hotel
  • Our exclusive Angkor Wat trip is a private adventure—just for your travel party. That means you won’t be herded around with a huge group of strangers. Instead, you’ll have a personal guide dedicated to your small group of up to 18 people. It makes for a more intimate, customized experience as we uncover the mysteries and majesty of Angkor’s ancient temples.

    [If your group happens to be larger than 18 people, no worries! Give us a ring and we’ll hook you up with a discounted rate. We want everyone to be able to experience the magnificence of Angkor Wat. So for bigger parties, we’re happy to negotiate a special price that fits your budget. Just let us know your group size and travel dates, and we’ll put together a rockin’ deal tailored for your crew to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.]

Reserve Your 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour

Want in on these ancient mysteries?

Then secure your spot on this exclusive Angkor adventure before time runs out. Gather your travel crew and lock down your reservation.

Our guide is ready to lead you through Angkor’s winding corridors, hidden passageways, and age-old secrets. All that’s missing from the adventure is you.

Make it happen right now and guarantee your place in the expedition of a lifetime across Angkor’s sprawling temple complex. Let’s unlock the magic!

Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – What to Expect

Venture into the once-lost temples of the legendary Khmer empire on this exclusive journey through Angkor’s most mesmerizing landmarks. With our top-notch guides at your side, you’ll uncover hidden stories etched in stone as you explore these ancient ruins in just one day.

Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour Itinerary:

  1. A member of our staff will be there to greet you when you get off the plane (or check in to your hotel).
  2. Our first stop of the day will be the lovely Ta Prohm temple, which is partially hidden by huge tree roots estimated to be at least a century old.
  3. We push on with our mission to discover the ancient sites within Angkor Thom’s “Great City” walls. The Bayon temple, which is famed for the 216 gigantic stone faces sculpted on the 54 shrines, is one of the attractions of this location.
  4. We’ll be following in the footsteps of the kings as we explore this region, and there are some incredible photo ops to be had here. A memory that must not be lost!
  5. In the afternoon, we’ll start our tour of the Angkor archeological site at the world’s largest religious building, the majestic Angkor Wat temple.
  6. The Ta Prohm temple will have the best lighting first thing in the morning, and Angkor will have the best lighting soon before sunset.
  7. You’ll be brought back to your hotel (or dropped off at the airport) once the event is over.

Live Guide

A local guide who speaks fluent English and has years of experience.

Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour Pricing

Making it easy for you to identify the cost for your specific group quickly!

Group Size Price Group Size Price
2 Persons $138 7 Persons $178
3 Persons $148 8 Persons $178
4 Persons $148 9 Persons $188
5 Persons $158 10 Persons $188
6 Persons $158 11 Persons $198
12 Persons $198


What’s Included in the Price

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – The Classic Angkor Tour includes:

✔️ Transportation by luxury minivan to and from your hotel.

✔️ Licensed English-speaking guide.

✔️ Brunch Break with fruits at local restaurant 

✔️ Ample Supply of Iced Beverages and Crisp, Chilled Towels.

✔️ Costs assessed by the community at large (aka local taxes).

✔️ Mobile ticket.

Hyper Benefits

✅ Insider’s View: Learn about these temples from our local guides who live nearby. Their knowledge brings the ruins to life through enthralling stories and traditions.

✅ We’ve structured our tour to be flexible dependent on your interests, time, and energy levels. To design your ideal experience, we may customize as we go.

✅ Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable advisers have spent years studying to become recognized specialists. Their enthusiasm and expertise make your visit special.

✅ View the temples from rare viewing locations that most tourists miss. We know the best viewpoints and hidden treasures.

✅ Beat the heat by taking AC transportation between temples. Avoid walking lengthy distances in the hot sun. Our vehicle keeps you hydrated.

What’s Not Included

This Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour does not include:

✘ Lunch

✘ All gratuities.

✘ Access to the Angkor temples. (The price for a 1-day entry is USD 37 per person – Children under the age of 12 can visit the Angkor Archaeological Park for free. A valid passport is required for entry into the temples and must be shown at the ticket desk. Children do not need tickets.)

✘ Souvenirs and personal shopping expenses.

Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – What You’ll Do

As we meander through the sprawling complex—spread across over 400 square kilometers—soak in the sheer size and scale of Angkor Wat itself. It’s the largest religious monument in the world, with its beguiling towers and intricate bas reliefs. Lose yourself amid the crumbling corridors of the vine-covered Ta Prohm, where tree roots snake over the stones like Medusa’s hair. Ponder the serene smiles of the Bodhisattva faces gazing down from Bayon’s soaring towers.

At each stop, our expert guides will share stories that bring the ruins to life. Like how Angkorian engineers ingeniously used water reservoirs and canals to stabilize the temples’ massive foundations. Or the meanings behind the detailed mythological carvings and inscriptions.

Beyond the temples, we’ll also experience Cambodian culture. We’ll make stops at villages to chat with locals and glimpse their daily lives. And sample delectable Khmer cuisine, from street food to elegant multicourse meals. A traditional Apsara dance performance offers a visual feast with dinner.

With our small group size, we can move nimbly between sites during optimal times—arriving early to avoid crowds, lingering for sunset’s golden glow. If you have any special interests or requests, just share them with your guide and we’ll customize the day’s activities accordingly.

Our goal is to craft an unforgettable Angkor Wat experience that delights your individual travel sensibilities.

This is your private trip, and we’re here to help you immerse in the magic of Angkor your way.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour – Important Information

Dress appropriately!

Please be polite when seeing Angkor temples and visiting ancient sacred sites. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders, and trousers, knee-length pants, or skirts are acceptable.

Do you cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, without a doubt. Our tour guide will assist you and recommend places and meals based on your preferences.

How much walking is required?

There are some steps and uneven ground, but nothing too tricky. Over the hours, we walk an average of 2-3 miles through temples. Our van eliminates the need for you to walk between sites and provides you with enough of comfort and air conditioning to refresh.

Is this tour appropriate for children?

We recommend this journey for youngsters aged 12 and over due to the heat, physical demands, and requirement for quiet reverence at temples. We may need to slow down if you have younger children.

Don’t Forget to Bring

➱ Exploring Angkor temples, bring sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the sun!

➱ Bring insect repellent — there are annoying bugs everywhere in Cambodia!

➱ Exploring Angkor temples, we all need to wear comfy walking shoes because there are some lovely walks to do in and around the temples!

Meeting point for your tour departure

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour Free Pick-up and drop-off Service: meet your driver at your Hotel lobby in Siem Reap.

  • We can provide FREE hotel pickup service to ALL of Siem Reap’s city hotels. Remember to include in the check-out notes your hotel or accommodation details.

Pickup takes place between 8:00 and 08:30 a.m.

Because a more accurate time cannot be offered, we recommend that our customers arrive at the hotel lobby by 8:00 a.m.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour departs from your Hotel at 8:40 a.m.

Know Before You Go

  • You will receive an email confirmation and your tour e-ticket when you book.
  • There is no wheelchair access.
  • The dress code is casual and laidback. Please be polite when visiting ancient sacred sites.
  • It is recommended that you bring swimsuits as well as insect repellant.
  • Please dress in layers for all weather conditions.
  • Strollers are welcome.
  • It is not recommended for travelers who have back problems.
  • Travelers must be in decent physical shape.
  • Any applicable government tax is included in the pricing.
  • All of the above rates are net and in US dollars per group.
  • The program schedule is subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • The exact times for pick-up and drop-off will be provided via email.
  • Because dropping time is dependent on the situation and traffic, it cannot be guaranteed.

PS: Find the best Private Angkor Wat 2-Day Tour here for a different and exceptional experience!

Why Local guides?

Continue in the same direction as our guide. Some people you encounter on vacation will refer to the lovely location you’re visiting as “home.”

  • Relax, take your time, and enjoy yourself as you are ready to learn about the local culture and history.
  • Prepare to discover and enjoy what most website visitors completely miss out on by simply searching and browsing online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanitization

What is the sanitization policy for the 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour?

  • Travelers and workers can use hand sanitizer.
  • Regular sanitization of transportation vehicles.

What precautions are being taken to preserve the health and safety of the staff during the 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour?

  • Checks on the staff’s temperature at regular intervals.
  • Staff members experiencing symptoms are eligible for a paid leave of absence.

Get only the highest-rated tours and tours with the highest ratings at the most excellent prices available.

Professionally trained and licensed tour guides and drivers.

✅ Experience Angkor Like a VIP with Our Signature Extras

A rushed, crowded visit just won’t do for a place as special as Angkor. That’s why we include premium extras to make sure you encounter this ancient wonder in style!

  • Private Transportation – No crowded buses! We’ll pick you up and drop you off in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Expert Guides – Our team knows Angkor’s highlights inside out, and more importantly how to bring them to life!
  • Private Sunset Viewing – Catch the golden hour magnificence at a secret vista without the crowds.
  • Refreshments – Stay energized with drinks, fruit and cold towels throughout your journey.
  • No Hidden Fees – All taxes, donations and extras are handled for you so there’s no hassle.
  • Mobile Ticket – Skip the ticket booth lines with our handy e-ticket.

Just sit back and indulge in the luxuries of a personalized VIP tour! We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on soaking in Angkor’s magic.

Reserve Your Spot on the Most Unforgettable One Day Temple Trek in Angkor

Let us be your guide through Angkor’s most beguiling temples on an incredible journey through Cambodia’s ancient heritage.

Space is ultra limited to provide an intimate experience – once our exclusive tours are booked, that’s it!

Visit Angkor with us and gain access to history’s greatest temple complex in just one day. Reserve now before we sell out!

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Private 1 Day Angkor Wat Tour is perfect if:

  1. You seek a more intimate, customizable Angkor Wat experience away from noisy big tour groups, our exclusive small group tour allows for flexibility and solitude amid the ruins.
  2. You want to fully immerse yourself and connect with the mystical energy of Angkor’s ancient temples, our tours foster contemplation and discovery at a thoughtful pace, without distracting crowds.
  3. You desire insider knowledge that illuminates the real significance of Angkor’s carvings, our expert academic guides reveal fascinating hidden insights that unlock deeper meaning.
  4. You want to witness the temples during the ideal magical lighting conditions, our planned timing and routing brings you to each one at its most atmospherically radiant moment.
  5. You seek a comfortable, premium touring experience, our VIP touches like private transport, refreshments, sunset viewing and no hidden fees will make you feel like royalty exploring these ancient ruins.

Private Exclusive Angkor Wat Tour Experience Glossary for Further Reading

To help you better comprehend and appreciate the Exclusive Angkor Wat Tour Experience, below is a helpful glossary:

Follow our alliance

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Discover exclusive tour ideas such as the Early Bird Ta Prohm Tour with Angkor Wat or the Ta Nei Opening Time Tour Experience with 5 Temples with Lunch.

1 Day Angkor Wat Tour is the trip of a lifetime—an experience future generations will hear tales about over and over.

You’ll be regaling your grandkids with stories of exploring these enchanted ruins one day. But first you gotta book it!

Tour confirmation

For the tour confirmation:

  • Upon completing your reservation, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with an e-ticket from us.
  • A second email will follow with your tour guide and driver’s information on the day of the excursion. You’ll be able to reach them at this number if your hotel pick-up is a bit delayed since this might happen from time to time due to traffic or other customers running behind schedule. Hand the tour guide number to your hotel reception so they can take care of the call!
  • We ask that you please tell us if there are any problems or changes to the location/hotel where your trip will begin. Notify us via email if you’d like to alter the tour’s pick-up location or hotel after booking.

The time to act is now.

Pickup details

  • We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, but please provide us with your hotel name and address so that our tour and driver can greet you in the lobby.
[On the checkout page, filling up your data, you will see a dedicated space to write a note for us, including your pick-up place, as your meeting point to start the tour will be at your hotel lobby].


While filling out your information on the checkout page, you will notice a special box to add a note for us, including your pick-up location, as your meeting point to begin the trip will be at your hotel lobby.

Following your reservation, we will provide you with all the pick-up information and schedule through email.

The meeting site for your tour pick-up and land transport is outside the hotel lobby near reception, outside your villa or rental airbnb.

The driver will arrive and ask for your name and voucher number, which you will provide on your mobile device.

The booking process

How do I reserve a tour?

Find your favorite Angkor Wat tour or Siem Reap tour, select the number of guests, select a date on the calendar, and click on the “book now” button.

You will then enter your contact information to arrive at the payment page and receive your booking confirmation email. 

Begin the journey!

When buying a tour, what does ‘Instant Confirmation’ mean?

It means you will receive an instant confirmation of your booking via the email address you provided when you registered with MySiemReapTours, together with your payment receipt.

Your instant confirmation is your tour E-ticket.

Your confirmed booking, including all relevant details, will also be visible on your personal booking dashboard.

What is the longest time it takes to confirm a tour?

Most of the tours are confirmed in minutes. For a few private tours, we might need 1 hour or 2 to organize all your tour needs.

MySiemReapTours accepts which currencies?

We support transactions in U.S. dollars. If you are from a different region, the charges should immediately be converted into the currency of your home country by your credit card.

Most major credit cards can be used to pay for a MySiemReapTours activity.

Is it feasible to pay in cash or in person for an activity?

MySiemReapTours does not currently accept cash payments, and our physical locations do not handle ticketing or booking.

What should I do if the driver fails to arrive on time?

No worries, please contact the phone shown in the “contact tour operator/guide” part of your booking confirmation email for updates.

Who should I contact if I need to modify my reservation details?

Please notify us of any changes to your pick-up address, phone number, or email address.

What should I do if my plans change?

Please contact MySiemReapTours.

…or use the online chat to contact us.

Please keep in mind that last-minute modifications may not be permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Immersion in Angkor’s Captivating History

Angkor dazzles even on a short visit thanks to our expertly crafted itinerary. We’ve carefully curated the route to immerse you in the grandeur of the largest religious monument in the world. This quick but thorough temple trek reveals Angkor’s highlights and most fascinating tales.

With us, you’ll avoid large noisy tour groups and follow a customizable private adventure to match your interests. We keep steps to a minimum while allowing time to linger at tranquil spots. By day’s end, you’ll look back on a rewarding whirlwind tour of Angkor’s most wondrous temples.

Marvel at the Magnificence of Angkor Wat

The main event – the 12th century Angkor Wat. Spread across over 200 hectares, its scale is simply jaw-dropping – especially at sunrise when golden light illuminates the temple’s 5 iconic lotus-bud towers.

Our guides will detail the symbolic significance of the elaborate bas reliefs depicting Hindu myths and Khmer history. We’ll share how Angkorian engineers mastered sophisticated techniques to stabilize massive structures. And point out clever architectural tricks like optical illusions that make the temple appear perfectly symmetrical.

You’ll also learn about Angkor Wat’s modern legacy, like its cameo in the Tomb Raider movie. Centuries after its construction, this timeless temple still casts a powerful spell.

Be Transported Back in Time at Bayon Temple

The mysterious faces of Bayon make this Angkor highlight a truly unforgettable experience. Built in the late 12th century, the temple’s 54 gothic towers are adorned with over 200 giant carved faces bearing enigmatic smiles.

Our guides will shed light on the legends and meanings behind these famous visages as you wander through the grounds. Look closely and you’ll notice subtle differences in their expressions and features.

Bayon lies at the heart of Angkor Thom, an ancient fortified “Great City” that flourished for centuries. After exploring the temple, we’ll also take in other highlights within the walls like the Terraces of the Leper King and Elephants.

Find Magic in the Jungle Temple of Ta Prohm

Shrouded in jungle vines and sprawling tree roots, the atmospheric ruins of Ta Prohm have an undeniable magic. The temple has been left in a state of “controlled ruin” – a haunting contrast to the restored monuments of Angkor.

Wandering through the dim, crumbling corridors you’ll feel like you’re stepping into an ancient legend. Our guides will point out the most photogenic spots where massive roots entwine the stones like serpents.

We’ll share insights into how the temple originally functioned and detail the current efforts to conserve Ta Prohm’s precarious structures. It’s the perfect culmination to an epic day of Angkor exploration.

Customize Your Route Based on Personal Interests

Every traveler has unique passions and preferences. That’s why we’ll plan your customized itinerary around YOUR interests for an unforgettable experience.

Just tell your guide if you’d like to focus more on history, architecture, spiritual practices, nature or anything else. We can easily adjust the route to match your priorities, or even change it on the fly if you have requests during the tour.

With our small group sizes, we can provide flexibility larger tour companies simply can’t match. Wherever your curiosity leads, we’ll create an adventure tailored for you!

Take a Spiritual Journey Through the Temples

Angkor’s elaborate temples reflect the Khmer empire’s rich fusion of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. If you’re keen to learn about the spiritual significance of the ruins, just let your guide know.

We’ll delve into how Angkor Wat’s layout represents a symbolic pilgrimage to Mount Meru, the Hindu holy mountain. Explain the Hindu tales and figures depicted on the temple bas reliefs. And share how spiritual life and rituals functioned when the temples were active.

At each stop you’ll gain insight into the intricate spiritual symbolism incorporated into Angkor’s stunning sacred architecture. It’s the perfect enhancement for travelers interested in Buddhism or Hinduism.

Geek Out on Angkorian History & Architecture

The Angkorian empire was one of history’s great powers at its peak between the 9th and 14th centuries. For history buffs eager to dive into this captivating era, our guides will share their immense knowledge of Angkor’s rise, dominance and eventual decline.

We’ll chronicle how Angkor evolved from a modest 9th century settlement into a flourishing 600 square mile capital city supporting nearly a million people at its apex. You’ll also learn about the ambitious construction projects of god-kings who drove Angkor’s growth.

Architecture fans will appreciate our guides’ deep understanding of the ingenious techniques used to build Angkor’s temples. We’ll break down their distinctive architectural styles and point out clever engineering tricks used to stabilize and protect the monuments.

Feel the Magic of Angkor Through Its Legends & Mysteries

Beyond the visible structures, Angkor’s temples are steeped in captivating myths, legends and mysteries that our guides love to share. We’ll recount intriguing tales passed down through generations that bring these enigmatic ruins to life.

Hear the legend of the construction of Angkor Wat in the epic battle between Indra and the Asuras. Learn about the mysterious hospital and healing rituals once performed at Ta Prohm. And ponder the secrets surrounding Bayon’s cryptic stone faces gazing serenely skyward.

By the end of the day, your imagination will be ignited with spellbinding stories that spark wonder about Angkor’s past grandeur and mystical aura!


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