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Private 2-Day Angkor’s Magnificent Temples and Rural Life on the Water

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Private 2-Day Angkor’s Magnificent Temples and Rural Life on the Water

This Private 2-Day tour is perfect if you wish to buy only a 1-day Angkor ticket pass for $37 but still manage to see many of the top Floating Village attractions during your second day of holiday in Siem Reap, with a Private Siem Reap Floating Village guided city tour from the morning!

Experience on an Epic Journey Through Siem Reap Magnificent Temples and Tranquil Villages

Cambodia is a land of ancient wonders, cultural riches, and natural beauty. This 2-day tour perfectly captures the essence of this captivating country by taking you on an unforgettable adventure through iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites and into the daily lives of local villagers.

Private 2-Day Angkor’s Magnificent Temples and Rural Life on the Water: the price varies per group, not per person. Select the number of guests in your private group (the price shown is based on the minimum of 2 people per tour).

Step Back in Time at the Ancient Temples of Angkor and Kompong Phluk Floating Village

Over the course of this two-day tour, you will have the privilege of discovering UNESCO World Heritage temples, cruising through exotic flooded forests, and forging heartfelt connections with local people. It provides the perfect blend of nature, culture, history, and adventure to fully immerse you in the real Cambodia.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife highlights: Bayon Temple ▷ Ta Prohm Temple ▷ Angkor Wat Temple ▷ Phnom Bakheng at dusk ▷ Tonle Sap and Kompong Phluk.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife | Key Details

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife guided tour is available every day of the week.

  • Day 1 | Location: Angkor Wat National Park – Tonle Sap and Kompong Phluk area
  • Day 2 | Location: Siem Reap city and countryside – Tonle Sap area
  • Day 1 | Duration: 8 – 9 Hours (approx.)
  • Day 2 | Duration: 5 – 6 Hours (approx.)
  • This private guided tour is divided into 2 days
  • Day 1 | Departure Time: your Hotel lobby: 8:30 AM 
  • Return Time: 6:30 PM (approx.)
  • Day 2 | Departure Time: your Hotel lobby: 8:00 AM
  • Return Time: 1:30 PM (approx.)
  • Live Guide: Yes
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Printed Voucher Accepted
  • Pick-Up Service: at the Lobby of your Hotel
  • There will be no more than 12 people on this private tour/activity. Please get in touch for a custom quote if your party has more than twelve jet-setters
  • The first day’s stunning temple tour involves the purchase of a current Angkor Pass for one day, which costs $37 per person. Tickets can be purchased prior to the start of the tour; however, your tour guide will assist you in acquiring a ticket before seeing the Angkor Temples.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife – Guided Tour Highlights: 

  • Temples Rising from the Jungle – Wander through Angkor’s ancient temples while nature reclaims the ruins.
  • Marvel at the magical mystique of Angkor Wat, carved stories of gods and kings.
  • Feel the hundreds of eyes peering down on you from the Bayon Temple’s iconic towers.
  • Cruise into Kompong Phluk’s flooded forests, where exotic creatures roam.
  • Drift along watery alleyways to discover the floating village’s stilt homes and culture.
  • Hop aboard a traditional boat and try your hand at paddling like the village’s all-female rowing team.
  • Soak in the view of Angkor Wat’s towers bathed in golden light from atop Phnom Bakheng.

What You Will Do

Private 2-Day Angkor’s Magnificent Temples and Rural Life on the Water – DAY 1:

Behold the Bayon and its Mysterious Faces

The Bayon temple stands at Angkor Thom’s geometrical epicenter. It is a magnificent temple that dates back to the late 12th century, when it was commissioned by King Jayavarman VII. 

As you walk through this ancient temple, you’ll feel as if the faces are smiling down at you as you immerse yourself in the mystical ambiance.

Marvel at the Iconic Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm is an unforgettable experience, where giant fig and silk-cotton trees grow out of the ruins, their giant roots enclosing walls and invading corridors. Its evocative combination of ruined stones and their embrace by the surrounding jungle has captivated many visitors. Let your imagination run wild as you take in the surreal blending of nature and architecture.

Behold the Grandeur of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and Cambodia’s best-preserved temple. It is an architectural masterpiece boasting elaborate bas-reliefs, intricate carvings, and a powerful layout and design that proved monumental in its time. As you explore its central structure and surrounding courtyards, you’ll gain insight into the historic grandeur of the mighty Khmer Empire.

Witness the Sunset from Phnom Bakheng

Concluding the first day’s temple exploration with a sunset view from the summit of Phnom Bakheng is simply unforgettable. As the late afternoon light bathes the surrounding forest and temple peaks in a warm glow, you’ll cherish special moments taking in this unique sunset vista. It’s a breathtaking capstone to a day filled with wonder and discovery.

Private 2-Day Angkor’s Magnificent Temples and Rural Life on the Water – DAY 2:

Gain Insights into Local Life in Kompong Phluk

Kompong Phluk is a village built on stilts over the floodwaters in a wetlands region southeast of Siem Reap. On the second day, you’ll have the rare opportunity to cruise by boat through the flooded forest and get an intimate look at the floating homes and lives of the friendly villagers.

Cruise Through the Flooded Forest

As your boat glides through a flooded mangrove forest, keep an eye out for monkeys swinging through the treetops and exotic birds fluttering about. Traversing these unique waterways provides an entirely different perspective on the local habitat.

Marvel at the Stilted Architecture

The villagers of Kompong Phluk have ingeniously adapted to annual floods by building homes and related structures on tall stilts above the water line. Cruising through the village, you’ll be fascinated to see this architecture up close and glimpse the daily lives of those who dwell within.

Connect with Local People

This tour provides the invaluable opportunity to connect with Cambodian people going about their daily lives. As you cruise the waterways, friendly locals will wave hello and even invite you into their floating homes. These personal moments create priceless memories.

Join the Female Rowers

For an extra special experience, you can even join the village’s all-female rowing team onboard their traditional boats. Accompanying these talented women as they ply the waters, you’ll gain deep admiration for their skill and self-sufficiency.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife – What to Expect

Get ready for an up-close look into Cambodia’s past glory. The Angkor Archaeological Park is like a history book carved in stone, spanning various capitals of the mighty Khmer Empire between the 9th and 15th centuries.

Now before your imagination runs wild – this ain’t no boring textbook read. Stepping into Angkor Thom, you’ll be blown away by the sheer artistry of the Bayon Temple. Just imagine – massive towers with intricate decorative flourishes rising towards the sky, and 216 ginormous stone faces staring back atcha with slightly mischievous grins.

It’s like the temple is playfully bringing the past to life just to wow you.

The sculpted scenes on the bas reliefs reveal more about what went down here back in the day. As you let your fingers trace the detailed engravings of war processions and ancient rituals, you’ll be transported right into the hustle and bustle of Angkor’s glorious heyday.

And we haven’t even gotten to the main event – the one and only Angkor Wat.

Grab your camera, ’cause this iconic beauty needs to be snapped from every possible angle.

The hype is real – it’s the largest religious monument in the world. Just standing in the presence of this architectural feat gets you thinking about how incredibly advanced the Khmer Empire must’ve been to pull this off nearly a thousand years ago.

Temple hopping here ain’t just about snapping pics. It’s about stepping through Angkor’s ancient corridors and really feeling its mystical power.

Let your mind wander as you imagine the kings, monks, and warriors who walked these same paths ages ago. You’ll come away with a deep sense of Cambodia’s rich history etched into your memory.

Live Guide

A local guide who speaks fluent English and has years of experience.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife | What’s Included in the Price

✔️ Ideal for evading crowds.

✔️ Transportation by luxury minivan to and from your hotel.

✔️ Tour guide who is fluent in English.

✔️ In Kompong Phluk – boat trip.

✔️ Floating Villages charges an admission fee.

✔️ Plenty of iced water bottles and crisp, chilled towels.

✔️ Costs imposed by the community at large (aka local taxes).

✔️ Mobile ticket

What’s Not Included


All gratuities.

Your Angkor temple pass.

Rowing a little paddling boat through a flooded woodland.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife Hyper Benefits

Escape the Crowds, Uncover Hidden Gems. Our tours allow you to veer off the beaten path, away from noisy hordes, to uncover secrets spots only insiders know. Get ready for private encounters with out-of-the-way temples blanketed in jungle vines, floating villages yet untouched by mass tourism, and more.

Insider Access Opens Doors. Through our exclusive local alliances, doors open to reveal the real Cambodia. Gain access to ancient sites during off-hours, receive personal blessings from monks, and get invited into villagers’ homes to share their daily life.

The Locals’ View Makes All the Difference. Forget sterile guidebooks. Our authentic local experts grew up experiencing Angkor Wat and rural life firsthand. Their personal insights inject vibrant color into each temple tale and floating village visit.

Adapt Every Step to Your Curiosity. This adventure revolves around you. Wander off the planned path anytime your curiosity calls. Our guides excel at improvising to cater to your unique interests – ensuring you get the most out of every moment.

Time Travel Through Legendary Tales. At each temple, let our guides transport you back centuries through colorful legends and folklore. Their vivid storytelling peels back the mystery surrounding Angkor’s rise and fall. You’ll time travel through tales passed down generations.

The air-conditioned modern minivan is always used to drive visitors between the several temples at Angkor and the various Siem Reap top attractions so they don’t have to walk in the scorching heat.

Important Information

Dress Respectfully!

  • When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders, and you may wear trousers or knee-length pants or skirts.

Don’t Forget to Bring

➱ Bring sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the sun!

➱ Bring insect repellent — there are annoying bugs everywhere in Cambodia!

➱ We all need to wear comfy walking shoes because there are some lovely walks to do in and around the temples!

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife – Meeting point for your tour departure

Free Pick-up Service: Meet your driver at your Hotel lobby in Siem Reap.

Day 1 Start time: 08:30 AM to 08:40 AM.

Day 2 Start time: 8:00 AM to 8:15 AM.

Know Before You Go

  • When you book, you receive a confirmation in your email with your tour e-ticket.
  • Wheelchair access is not available.
  • The dress code is relaxed and informal. When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful.
  • Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions.
  • Experience the Siem Reap 2-day tour. There is a maximum of 12 people per booking for this Siem Reap 2-day tour. If your group is over 12 persons, you can contact us for a bespoke price for your private group.
  • Accessible for strollers.
  • It is not suggested for travelers who have back difficulties.
  • This private tour is not appropriate for newborns or very young children. Be sure to take care of that during the tour, as there are several walks to do.
  • Travelers should be in good physical condition.
  • The rates include any relevant government tax.
  • All the rates listed above are net and in US dollars per group.
  • The program schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • The exact pick-up and drop-off times will be communicated via email.
  • Dropping time cannot be guaranteed because it depends on the situation and traffic.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife

Overcrowded tourist traps draining the magic. Cookie-cutter itineraries shuffling you through temples like cattle. Guides reciting scripted speeches word-for-word without meaning. As a curious traveler seeking an authentic connection with Cambodia, this disjointed experience leaves you unsatisfied.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Experience Cambodia the way it was meant to be – free from hordes obscuring each intricate carving, unbound from rigid plans stifling your wanderlust. Let the real treasures hidden for centuries emerge through our unforgettable journeys.

My Siem Reap Tours were created by locals who know their homeland in their bones. Our guides don’t just rattle off memorized lines – they pepper each temple tale with vivid details from their own lives. When navigating winding backroads, they’ll halt the tuktuk anytime inspiration strikes you.

Our flexible journeys unlock Cambodia’s magic that packaged tours smother. Through our network, doors open to reveal sacred sites devoid of crowds and personal encounters with monks and villagers. We believe traveling isn’t about ticking sights off a list. It’s about forging connections that touch your soul. Experience the Cambodia you came seeking with My Siem Reap Tours.

Why Local guides?

Follow in the footsteps of our tour guide. These local experts refer to your stunning tour destination as “home.”

  • Get ready, relax and learn about local treasures, folklore, personalities, and historical information!
  • Prepare to receive and discover what every other traveler misses when they simply search and surf the web.

What is the sanitization policy for the Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife tour?

  • Travelers and workers can use hand sanitizer.
  • Regular sanitization of vehicles.

What precautions are being taken to preserve the health and safety of the staff during the 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife tour?

  • Checks on the staff’s temperature at regular intervals.
  • Staff members experiencing symptoms are eligible for a paid leave of absence.

Private 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife. Get only the Top Rated itineraries and the Top Rated tour experience at the best Value possible

✅ Professionally trained and licensed tour guides, operators, and drivers.

✅ Only carefully curated, tried-and-true adventures, selected trips that have been thoroughly tested.

✅ Daily departures and the ability to accommodate journeys planned at the last minute.

✅ Come together in a more intimate setting, smaller groups with like-minded people who share your perspective on things and getaways with a focus on environmental stewardship and community service.

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Visit the 2-Day Angkor Temples and Waterlife and follow MySiemReapTours.com on Instagram!


Have you seen Angkor Wat already? Do this on your first day instead:

Early Bird Ta Prohm tour after Sunrise | Experience Ta Prohm, tour Banteay Kdei Temple in early morning plus 4 more Temples

Tour Confirmation

For the tour confirmation:

  • Upon completing your reservation, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with an e-ticket from us.
  • A second email will follow with your tour guide and driver’s information on the day of the excursion. You’ll be able to reach them at this number if your hotel pick-up is a bit delayed since this might happen from time to time due to traffic or other customers running behind schedule. Hand the tour guide number to your hotel reception so they can take care of the call!
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While filling out your information on the checkout page, you will notice a special box to add a note for us, including your pick-up location, as your meeting point to begin the trip will be at your hotel lobby.

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The driver will arrive and ask for your name and voucher number, which you will provide on your mobile device.

What is a Private Experience on MySiemReapTour?
  1. Itineraries are created in collaboration with notable travel bloggers, local experts, and the best-rated local guides.
  2. Small groups only! No buses, no crowds, and a limit of 8 passengers, with only top-notch modern leather-seat minivans.
  3. You can select the specific number of persons in your group, save money on the total tour price, and enjoy a stunning day tour completely dedicated to you and your group!

The booking process

How do I reserve a tour?

Find your favorite Angkor Wat tour or Siem Reap tour, select the number of guests in your group, select a date on the calendar, and click on the “book now” button.

You will then enter your contact information to arrive at the payment page and receive your booking confirmation email. 

Begin the journey!

When buying a tour, what does ‘Instant Confirmation’ mean?

It means you will receive an instant confirmation of your booking via the email address you provided when you registered with MySiemReapTours, together with your payment receipt.

Your instant confirmation is your tour E-ticket.

Your confirmed booking, including all relevant details, will also be visible on your personal booking dashboard.

What is the longest time it takes to confirm a tour?

Most of the tours are confirmed in minutes. For a few private tours, we might need 1 hour or 2 to organize all your tour needs.

MySiemReapTours accepts which currencies?

We support transactions in U.S. dollars. If you are from a different region, the charges should immediately be converted into the currency of your home country by your credit card.

Most major credit cards can be used to pay for a MySiemReapTours activity.

Is it feasible to pay in cash or in person for an activity?

MySiemReapTours does not currently accept cash payments, and our physical locations do not handle ticketing or booking.

What should I do if the driver fails to arrive on time?

No worries, please contact the phone shown in the “contact tour operator/guide” part of your booking confirmation email for updates.

Who should I contact if I need to modify my reservation details?

Please notify us of any changes to your pick-up address, phone number, or email address.

What should I do if my plans change?

Please contact MySiemReapTours.

…or use the online chat to contact us.

Please keep in mind that last-minute modifications may not be permitted.


Frequently Asked Questions

➤ How can I avoid the crowds during my tour?

With My Siem Reap Tours, you’ll escape the crowds and experience a high degree of privacy. We limit the size of our groups and take you off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of the region. This allows for a more intimate, personalized tour experience.

➤ Can you tell me more about your alliance partners?

Our alliance partners are only locals, providing insider knowledge and insights that only a local can offer. By working with locals, all of the money from the tours goes back to the families of the tour guides and drivers, so they can live and go to school. This creates a positive impact on the local community and economy.

➤ What’s included in the tour package?

Our Siem Reap 2-day tour includes transportation to and from all attractions, and our team will take care of all attraction tickets and reservations, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our expert guides will provide you with a well-planned itinerary that takes into account your interests and preferences, so you can create a customized tour experience that meets your unique needs. This tour does not include your Angkor ticket pass!

➤ How do you ensure a personalized tour experience?

With our personalized experience, you can create a tour that is tailored to your interests and preferences. Our expert guides will work with you to create a customized itinerary that meets your unique needs. Whether you’re interested in architecture, history, or cultural immersion, we’ll provide you with a tour experience that is perfectly suited to you.

➤ What are the top attractions included in the tour?

Our Siem Reap 2-day tour takes you to the most breathtaking landmarks in the region, including ancient temples, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders. You’ll experience the grandeur of Angkor Wat, the tranquil beauty of The Angkor Botanical Garden, and the stunning sunset views at Phnom Krom Temple.

➤ What kind of transportation is included in the tour?

Our Siem Reap 2-day tour includes transportation to and from all attractions and transportation to and from your accommodations. We use top-quality vehicles that are comfortable and safe, ensuring that you have a stress-free tour experience.

➤ What kind of tour guides will I have?

Our expert guides are passionate about sharing Cambodia’s rich history and culture with our guests. They’re all locals who have lived in the region for years and have an intimate understanding of its rich history and culture. They’ll provide you with a unique perspective and context that you won’t find in any guidebook, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the region’s beauty and wonder.

➤ What kind of experience can I expect on the tour?

With our Siem Reap 2-day tour, you can expect a once-in-a-lifetime tour experience that is filled with adventure, beauty, and wonder. You’ll escape the crowds and experience a high degree of privacy, exploring the hidden gems of the region.


About this Tour

Planning a trip to a foreign country can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when trying to maximize your time and see all the top attractions. With so many options and logistics to consider, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about how to plan the perfect trip.

You don’t want to waste your precious vacation time on subpar experiences or miss out on the must-see attractions.

You want to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region and create memories that will last a lifetime. But how do you know which attractions to prioritize, which tours to take, and how to make the most of your limited time?

Our Siem Reap 2 day tour offers the perfect solution for travelers who want to maximize their time in Cambodia and experience the very best of Angkor Temples and Siem Reap.

With our expert guides and personalized tour experience, you’ll get insider tips and insights that will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region.

Our private Angkor Temples tour takes you to the most breathtaking and well-preserved temples, including Angkor Wat, Banteay Kdei temple, Pre Rup temple, Banteay Samre temple, and Phnom Bok hill and temple at dusk.

On the second day of the tour, you’ll explore the vibrant culture and fascinating history of Siem Reap, visiting top landmarks such as The Angkor Botanical Garden, Wat Thmei Pagoda, Wat Preah Enkosey Monastery, Wat Damnak, Wat Athvear Temple, and Phnom Krom Temple, where you can experience the magic of Tonle Sap at sunset.

This tour is planned to:

  • Maximize your vacation time with a personalized and efficient tour experience
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Cambodia
  • Get insider tips and insights from expert guides
  • Visit the most breathtaking and well-preserved temples in Angkor
  • Explore the vibrant culture and fascinating history of Siem Reap
  • Experience the stunning beauty of Tonle Sap at sunset from the Phnom Krom Temple and viewpoint
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime with a once-in-a-lifetime tour experience



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