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Private Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour – Unlock the Magic of the Angkor Wat Equinox Alignment

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Private Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour

Private Angkor Wat Equinox Tour is a Guided Tour (Perfect if you have only 1 day to visit Angkor and the 1 Day Angkor ticket pass of $37)! Unlock the Magic of the Angkor Wat Equinox Alignment. This is Your exclusive chance to witness this rare celestial spectacle with an expert guide!

“This Ancient Temple Alignment is So Rare You Have to Wake Up Before Dawn to See It”

Your Half-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour Highlights:

Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour ▷Ta Prohm temple ▷ Guided walk to Explore Angkor Thom, starting at Bayon Temple to reach the mythical Prasat Preah Palilay!

  • Witness the unforgettable Angkor Wat equinox sunrise alignment
  • Marvel at Ta Prohm’s jungle-entwined stone ruins
  • Explore the ancient walled city of Angkor Thom
  • See the iconic carved faces of Bayon temple up close
  • Walk the same historic route taken by past kings

Let our expert guides show you the most beautiful and significant temples while sharing stories of Angkor’s rich history and meaning. Witnessing the equinox alignment at the stunning Angkor Wat is sure to be the travel experience of a lifetime!

“Don’t snooze and lose your chance to witness this phenomenal sunrise spectacle in action”

Private Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour | Key Details

  • Location: Angkor Wat National Park
  • Duration: 7 Hours Approximately
  • Departure Time: your Hotel lobby: 4:10 AM – 4:20 AM
  • Return Time: 12:00 PM (approx.)
  • Live Guide: Yes
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Printed Voucher Accepted
  • Pick-Up Service: at the Lobby of your Hotel
  • There will be a maximum of 10 people on this tour/activity.

Rise and shine – it’s time to chase the sun! We’re venturing into the dark heart of Cambodia before dawn to catch a rare celestial spectacle at the iconic 12th-century temple of Angkor Wat.

This jaw-dropping solar alignment only happens twice a year. But you’ll need to set your alarm extra early to secure your front-row seat for this phenomenal sunrise show.

Grab your cameras and let our experts guide you as the first light illuminates Angkor’s towers in celestial wonder. This is one wake-up call you won’t want to snooze through!

Private Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour – What to Expect

Gentlemen, It’s time to put your little brains on “on” and give yourselves a wake-up call….

Experience the magic of the rare equinox alignment at Angkor Wat on this special private sunrise tour. An expert local guide will escort you to the optimal spots to witness this remarkable celestial phenomenon as the sun rises over the iconic temple on the equinox.

After watching the incredible equinox alignment unfold before your eyes, continue your exploration of the majestic Angkor Archaeological Park. Visit the sprawling ruin of Ta Prohm temple, overgrown by jungle tree roots and made famous in the Tomb Raider film.

Your guide will then take you into the ancient walled city of Angkor Thom via the imposing South Gate entrance. Begin your walk through this historic fortified city at the enigmatic Bayon temple, known for its iconic carved smiling faces looking out in all directions.

Continuing through Angkor Thom, you will next arrive at the Terrace of the Leper King with its dramatic carvings. Your walk concludes at the mythical temple of Prasat Preah Palilay, partially overgrown and containing fascinating Hindu mythological bas-reliefs.

After soaking in the magic of Angkor during the rare equinox alignment, this tour concludes with transportation back to your Siem Reap hotel around mid-day, giving you time to rest or enjoy lunch nearby.

Live Guide

A local guide who speaks fluent English and has years of experience.

Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour | What’s Included in the Price

✔️ Transportation by luxury minivan to and from your hotel.

✔️ Tour Guide Who Is Very Fluent In English.

✔️ Ample Supply of Iced Water Bottles and Crisp, Chilled Towels.

✔️ Costs imposed by the community at large (aka local taxes).

✔️ Mobile ticket

Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour Hyper Benefits

✅ Optimal Alignment Viewing. Our guides escort you to the prime spot on the causeway to experience the jaw-dropping celestial spectacle.

Expertly Navigate the Crowds. We know the best routes and tips to help you efficiently access the ideal equinox alignment viewing locations.

Local Secrets for Sun Chasing. Have a knowledgeable guide at your side to walk you through the meaning and history behind the angular solar phenomenon. Learn from our guides’ wealth of insight on the ancient astronomical significance of Angkor Wat’s rare alignment.

Explore Angkor in luxury in our new, air-conditioned Starex Minivan with free fresh water bottles. To avoid walking in the heat, Angkor visitors are always driven in an air-conditioned minivan between temples.

What’s Not Included

Your Angkor temple pass.

What You’ll Do

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to wake up and witness one of the greatest shows on Earth! Rise and shine, because our journey to see the incredible equinox alignment at Angkor Wat is departing before dawn.

This is your wake up call to experience celestial magic! We’re heading into the darkCambodian night to arrive at the iconic 12th century temple well before sunrise. This ensures we claim our front-row seats for the majestic solar spectacle that few get to witness in their lifetime.

As the sun peaks above the horizon, prepare to watch in awe as its rays dramatically beam through the center tower and project an elongated shadow down the causeway right before your eyes. This rare alignment holds profound historical and spiritual significance.

The adventure continues as we explore the jungle-consumed ruins of Ta Prohm and the ancient capital of Angkor Thom. Let’s retrace the footsteps of kings and pilgrims down this historic route.

Ladies and gentlemen, the countdown is on! Grab your cameras because today we’re chasing the sun. It’s almost time to catch the elusive Angkor Wat equinox in action. Don’t snooze and lose your chance to wake up in wonder for this phenomenal sunrise show!

Our expert guides have your tickets ready. Now it’s your turn to pack your sense of adventure. We’ll see you bright and early!

Half-Day Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour – Important Information

Dress Respectfully!

  • When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders, and you may wear trousers or knee-length pants or skirts.

Don’t Forget to Bring

➱ Remember to bring sunscreen with you to keep your skin safe and protected from the sun’s rays!

➱ Remember to bring insect repellent with you, as it can help keep those pesky bugs at bay in every corner of Cambodia!

➱ There are so many amazing treks to explore in and around the temples! Let’s make sure to wear comfortable shoes that will make our walking experience even more enjoyable.

Meeting point for your tour departure

Angkor Wat Sunrise shared tour – Semi-Private Sunrise Guided Tour

Free Pick-up Service: meet your driver at your Hotel lobby in Siem Reap.

Start time: 04:10 AM to 04:20 AM.

Tour departs at 4:30 am.

Drop off back at Hotel around 12:00 PM.

Know Before You Go

  • When you book, you receive a confirmation in your email with your tour e-ticket.
  • Wheelchair access is not available.
  • The dress code is relaxed and informal. When visiting old holy sites, please be respectful.
  • It is advised to bring an insect repellant.
  • Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions.
  • If you prefer to see the Sunset alignment in a Special location, such as at Bakong Temple, let us know, and we will organize the second day for you with a unique route to the Bakong Temples Group, but in the afternoon time!
  • Accessible for strollers.
  • It is not suggested for travelers who have back difficulties.
  • Travelers should be in good physical condition. (discount code: Iamthepioneer)
  • The rates include any relevant government tax.
  • All the rates listed above are net and in US dollars per group.
  • The program schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • The exact pick-up and drop-off times will be communicated via email.
  • Dropping time cannot be guaranteed because it depends on the situation and traffic.

This Tour is so Unique!

From a historical perspective:

  • Witnessing the rare equinox alignment allows you to connect to over 800 years of history at Angkor Wat, as the same celestial phenomenon has occurred since its construction in the 12th century.
  • Walking through Angkor Thom retraces the footsteps of ancient kings, pilgrims, and common people who traveled this route over the centuries.
  • Exploring legendary temples like Bayon and Ta Prohm provides insight into the rise and fall of the once mighty Khmer Empire.

From a cultural perspective:

  • Observing this solar alignment at Angkor Wat continues an ancient tradition intertwined with Khmer religion, astronomy, architecture and cosmology.
  • Local expert guides share stories that illuminate the significance of Angkor’s temples to Cambodia’s national identity.
  • Seeing the equinox alignment brings the astronomical capabilities of the ancient Khmers to life.

From a spiritual perspective:

  • Witnessing the interplay of light, shadow and architecture on the equinox can feel magical or even transcendent.
  • The order and symmetry reflected in the alignment evokes a sense of otherworldliness and peace.
  • Connecting to celestial rhythms and cycles promotes self-reflection and contemplation.

From an architectural perspective:

  • The alignment highlights the planning mastery of Angkor Wat’s 12th century architects and engineers.
  • Seeing the intended design function of this massive temple complex is awe-inspiring.
  • Appreciating the ingenuity of Khmer construction and astronomy knowledge.

From a traveler’s perspective:

  • An incredibly rare and unique experience that few get to witness in their lifetime.
  • An unforgettable memory and captivating photographs touring iconic Angkor landmarks.
  • The convenience of having knowledgeable guides take you directly to the optimal spots.
  • Checking off a major bucket list item in memorable style.

Why Local guides?

Follow in the footsteps of our tour guide. These local experts refer to your stunning tour destination as “home.”

  • Get ready, relax and learn about local treasures, folklore, personalities, and historical information!
  • Prepare to receive and discover what every other traveler misses when they simply search and surf the web.

What is the sanitization policy for the Angkor Wat Sunrise Equinox Tour?

  • Travelers and workers have the option to use hand sanitizer.
  • Regular sanitization of transportation vehicles is a great way to ensure cleanliness and promote the well-being of passengers.
  • Regularly checks the staff’s temperature to ensure their well-being.
  • Staff members experiencing symptoms are fortunate to be eligible for a paid leave of absence.

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When is the best time to see the equinox?
The optimal time is just before and during sunrise on the spring and fall equinox dates, when the rare alignment occurs.

Where is the best spot to view the alignment?
Our guides will take you to the prime viewing spot at the end of the causeway entrance facing the main towers.

Why is arriving early important?
We’ll escort you into the complex before dawn when gates open so you can secure the ideal alignment viewing spot before crowds gather.

What makes your guides the best?
Our knowledgeable experts are passionate about sharing insider perspectives on Angkor’s history, meaning, and celestial alignments.

Follow our alliance!

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OPTION 1 | Mystical Majesty

“Witnessing the rare equinox alignment at Angkor Wat was the most magical and memorable travel experience. Our private tour allowed us to fully immerse in the phenomena beyond the crowds. I highly recommend unlocking Angkor’s celestial secrets with our expert guides!”

Tour confirmation

For the tour confirmation:

  • Upon completing your reservation, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with an e-ticket from us.
  • A second email will follow with your tour guide and driver’s information on the day of the excursion. You’ll be able to reach them at this number if your hotel pick-up is a bit delayed since this might happen from time to time due to traffic or other customers running behind schedule. Hand the tour guide number to your hotel reception so they can take care of the call!
  • We ask that you please tell us if there are any problems or changes to the location/hotel where your trip will begin. Notify us via email if you’d like to alter the tour’s pick-up location or hotel after booking.

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Pickup details

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While filling out your information on the checkout page, you will notice a special box to add a note for us, including your pick-up location, as your meeting point to begin the trip will be at your hotel lobby.

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The driver will arrive and ask for your name and voucher number, which you will provide on your mobile device.

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The booking process

How do I reserve a tour?

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Your instant confirmation is your tour E-ticket.

Your confirmed booking, including all relevant details, will also be visible on your personal booking dashboard.

What is the longest time it takes to confirm a tour?

Most of the tours are confirmed in minutes. For a few private tours, we might need 1 hour or 2 to organize all your tour needs.

MySiemReapTours accepts which currencies?

We support transactions in U.S. dollars. If you are from a different region, the charges should immediately be converted into the currency of your home country by your credit card.

Most major credit cards can be used to pay for a MySiemReapTours activity.

Is it feasible to pay in cash or in person for an activity?

MySiemReapTours does not currently accept cash payments, and our physical locations do not handle ticketing or booking.

What should I do if the driver fails to arrive on time?

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Who should I contact if I need to modify my reservation details?

Please notify us of any changes to your pick-up address, phone number, or email address.

What should I do if my plans change?

Please contact MySiemReapTours.

…or use the online chat to contact us.

Please keep in mind that last-minute modifications may not be permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

➤ The sunrise at Angkor Wat is spectacular, but is it really worth waking up so early?

Check out what our visitors have to say: “Upon arrival in Angor, it was clear that the effort had been more than justified!” Despite the presence of other passengers, the tour is quite well organized. The three temples we visited were magnificent, and as a result, we have many beautiful images. Please keep in mind that this tour does not include entrance to Angkor Wat, which will cost you an additional 37 dollars per person if you prefer to visit the temple on your own.”

➤ Would you suggest this tour if I only had a short amount of time in Siem Reap?

Our tour guides will pay close attention to you, assist you, and offer you with any information you require. The tour itself is carefully executed after many years of expertise.

➤ If you just have a little time in Siem Reap, most of our former travelers recommend taking this excursion.

Depending on the season, we may even run the tour with fewer participants; for example, some groups may consist of only six or eight persons.

➤ Is there a certain dress code for entering Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat has a rigorous dress code that prohibits tourists from wearing too-revealing clothing. Items that reveal the shoulders, knees, or cleavage fall into this category. Tourists are required to dress modestly and cover their shoulders and knees with long skirts or pants that reach below their knees when visiting Angkor Wat.

➤ What about tights? Is it permissible to wear leggings to Angkor Wat?

Again, you SHOULD NOT wear highly revealing clothing in places of religion since it is considered rude. The steps are steep and narrow, with high risers that are mostly old and uneven. A sarong is okay, however it is not recommended due to the stairs. You can wear leggings if they are long enough to cover your knees. On the other side, they can become heated afterwards.

➤ Do I need a guide to visit Angkor Wat?

Nothing can prepare you for the first time you see the Angkor Wat temples in person, no matter how many times you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed, glanced at the Cambodian flag, or walked by the stands selling fridge magnets, blogs, guidebooks, market t-shirts with the beloved 5-towered building emblazoned on the front.

All travelers who made the rookie mistake of not pre-booking a temple tour strongly recommend travelling to Angkor Wat with a guide.

➤ When is the ideal time to go to Angkor Wat?

The dry season, which begins in late November and ends in the middle of April, is ostensibly the best time to visit Angkor Wat. This time of year, temperatures drop, resulting in milder days.

Keep in mind, though, that this is the busiest time of year for travelers, so expect crowds and higher costs.

The sticky humidity brought on by the wet weather in May exacerbates Siem Reap’s high temperatures in April and May.

Rain is prevalent in Angkor Wat from June to November, but this is an excellent time to come because the temples will be less crowded and the tropical setting will be at its lushest green. Packing an umbrella is a smart idea, but the rain is usually brief and mixed with sunny moments, so you should be able to capture some wonderful views of Angkor Wat and its surroundings.

Wear some comfortable shoes and sunscreen.


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