AngkorInLove for Couples – The Best Angkor Tour for Couples

AngkorInLove for Couples – The Best Angkor Tour for Couples

The Best Angkor Tour for Couples

Are you seeking the most romantic, intimate and memorable Angkor experience to share with your special someone? Look no further than the AngkorInLove for Couples tour. This 2-day private Angkor itinerary is specially crafted for couples wanting to avoid crowds and create magical moments together amid Siem Reap’s ancient temples.

Why AngkorInLove is the Best Temple Tour for Couples

AngkorInLove for Couples is a private sunset temple tour on Day 1, coupled with a complimentary small group sunrise temple tour on Day 2. This allows you to see the temples at the ideal times of day for photography, exploration and romance.

Other key reasons this is the best Angkor tour for couples:

  • Total privacy: Day 1 is just for the two of you with your personal guide and driver
  • Flexibility: Go at your own pace, customize stops based on your interests
  • Romance: Enjoy sunset at Phnom Bok temple on Day 1, sunrise at Angkor Wat on Day 2
  • Comfort: Private air-conditioned car Day 1, small shared van Day 2
  • Value: Complimentary sunrise tour on Day 2 makes this a very cost-effective choice
  • Expertise: The same professional guide stays with you both days

You’ll get to see impressive sights like Bayon, Ta Prohm, Pre Rup, Angkor Wat and more in an intimate setting with your beloved. It balances “must-see” highlights with off-the-beaten-path temples. Avoiding crowds and tailoring the experience to you both lets you fully soak in Angkor’s magic.

Below we’ll explore the AngkorInLove tour in detail so you can see why it’s the clear choice for couples wanting to fall in love with Angkor together.

AngkorInLove for couples – Private full day sunset tour plus our AngkorGift shared sunrise tour

AngkorInLove Tour Itinerary Overview

The 2-day AngkorInLove itinerary includes:

Day 1 Private Sunset Tour

Day 2 Small Group Sunrise Tour

Let’s dive into the highlights you’ll experience on each remarkable day.

Day 1: Private Sunset Temple Tour

Prasat Kravan Temple

The intimate brick towers of Prasat Kravan make for a charming first stop. The five towers are arranged in a quincunx “five dots on a die” pattern. The excellent bas-reliefs here depict Vishnu and Lakshmi. Kravan is small and receives few visitors, making it perfect for couples seeking solitude. Wandering this forgotten temple you’ll feel like explorers discovering ancient secrets.

Banteay Kdei Temple

Banteay Kdei’s atmospheric corridors will transport you back to the Angkorian era. This sprawling temple has been partially consumed by the jungle, adding to its mystique. Linger in the crumbling towers before strolling the sorely underrated outer gallery – where bas-reliefs depicting Avalokiteshvara remain vivid. With tiny visitor numbers, you’ll feel like you have the ancient artifacts and carvings all to yourselves.

Pre Rup Temple

Pre Rup means “turning of the body” and refers to a traditional Hindu cremation ritual. Constructed under King Rajendravarman, it consists of pyramid-shaped temples symbolizing the mythic Mount Meru. Pre Rup is renowned for its sunset views overlooking rice fields. Find a quiet vantage point to cuddle close with your sweetheart and watch the skies turn vivid hues of orange and pink as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Ta Som Temple

Shrouded in strangler fig and silk-cotton trees, the mysterious Ta Som temple is ideal for couples seeking adventure. The intimate central tower can be climbed for panoramic views over the jungle canopy. And the giant trees sprouting from Ta Som form natural frames for romantic photos with your lover. The combination of nature and history is sure to inspire romance.

Banteay Samre Temple

Banteay Samre’s rose-colored sandstone and ornate carvings make it one of Angkor’s most visually striking complexes. This petite temple sees few visitors, allowing you to linger privately in its vaulted halls decorated with lively bas-reliefs depicting scenes from Hindu epics. As the late afternoon light filters through the trees, Banteay Samre radiates enchantment.

Phnom Bok Temple at Dusk

The AngkorInLove tour ends on a high note with sunset at Phnom Bok. Climb to the hilltop temple and survey the forests cloaking Angkor Wat in the distance. Relax together as the sinking sun swathes the landscape in warm light. Reward your temple explorations by sitting peacefully hand-in-hand watching dusk fall over Angkor’s timeless beauty. There’s no better way to conclude an incredible day discovering Angkor’s magic.

After enjoying 14 one-of-a-kind sights throughout the day, your guide and driver will transport you back to your hotel around 6:30pm.

Day 2: Complimentary Small Group Sunrise Tour

The second day of AngkorInLove begins before dawn for an unforgettable sunrise experience. This complimentary shared tour includes transportation in a comfortable air-conditioned van and expert local guide. The small group size – max 10 people – ensures an intimate atmosphere. Top highlights include:

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Arriving in darkness, watch in awe as the sun appears over Angkor Wat’s iconic silhouette. The reflection of the temple towers in the pond combined with the orange sky is simply sublime. Mingling with monks, locals and travelers at this spiritual site creates memories to last a lifetime.

Bayon Temple

Discover Bayon’s iconic stone faces up close. Wander the lower galleries with their impressive bas-reliefs. Climb into the upper levels of this centerpiece of Angkor Thom and gaze out over the jungle surroundings.

Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm’s fusion of man and nature is one of Angkor’s most atmospheric temples. Giant trees growing out of the ruins make for unforgettable photos. Let your guide tell tales of the archaeologists working to conserve this site.

After a full morning of bucket-list sights, you’ll be dropped back at your hotel around 12:30pm for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Why Is AngkorInLove the Best Couples Tour?

Beyond the remarkable itinerary spanning sunset, sunrise and iconic temples, AngkorInLove stands out through:

  • Expert Guides – Passionate and knowledgeable local guides accompany you both days
  • Comfort – Private car Day 1, AC van Day 2 ensure you travel in comfort
  • Care – Cold water, chilled towels and rest stops keep you refreshed
  • Flexibility – The tour revolves entirely around you as a couple
  • Value – Complimentary 2nd day tour adds tremendous value

The result is a private, intimate Angkor experience catered to you. Focus on creating romantic moments together rather than logistics. Your guides seamlessly handle everything so you can fully appreciate these once-in-a-lifetime sights.

AngkorInLove for Couples is designed from top to bottom to be the Best Angkor Tour for Couples.

AngkorInLove Tour Perks and Benefits

Why choose AngkorInLove over the many other Angkor touring options? Key advantages include:

  • Crowd Avoidance – Private tour Day 1 means no more than 2 guests. Day 2 has max 10 to ensure intimacy
  • Insider Access – Visit temples most tourists don’t know about
  • Unforgettable Sunrise & Sunset – Ideal times of day for photography and romance
  • Total Flexibility – 100% personalized to your couple’s wishes
  • Depth of Experience – Same guide both days develops deeper understanding
  • Convenience – Pickup/drop-off at hotel included
  • Peace of Mind – Clear communication and confirmation throughout
  • Best Value – Complimentary 2nd day adds tremendous value
  • Local Expertise – Guides share hidden insights into temples & culture

Reviews of AngkorInLove Tours from other couples highlight these advantages:

“Having a private tour was amazing – we could take our time and really soak everything in.”

“Our guide made the complex history entertaining and easy to understand.”

“Watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat together was the highlight of our whole trip.”

“Amazing value to get the second day tour free as part of the package.”

AngkorInLove delivers on all fronts to create a deeply rewarding temple touring experience as a couple.

How To Book the AngkorInLove for Couples Tour

Ready to book this remarkable private Angkor temple tour for two? Booking AngkorInLove is simple:

  • Choose your dates – The tour is available daily throughout the year
  • Select your hotel – Pickup and drop-off at your accommodation is included
  • Purchase online – Secure booking with instant voucher confirmation
  • Prep for temples – Review temple dress code and packing list

As soon as your booking is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your AngkorInLove e-voucher and detailed tour information.

Questions before booking? Feel free to contact us and we’ll promptly assist you.

Booking in advance is recommended to secure your ideal date. However, last minute bookings can also be accommodated subject to availability.

Price and What’s Included in AngkorInLove Tour

The price for AngkorInLove is $175 per couple, $195 per 2 couples, $235 per 3 couples, and $265 per 4 couples inclusive of both days of touring.

Here’s exactly what’s included:

  • Private sunset temple tour on Day 1
  • Complimentary shared sunrise temple tour on Day 2
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private car, driver and guide on Day 1
  • Shared AC van, driver and guide on Day 2
  • Cold water, chilled towels & rest stops
  • Mobile vouchers & printed vouchers accepted

Excellent value given the private experience, expert guides and remarkable temples visited across both days.

AngkorInLove Tour Meeting Points

The AngkorInLove tour includes complimentary pickup and drop-off from your Siem Reap hotel both days.

Day 1 meeting time:

  • Pickup between 8:00am – 8:20am
  • Tour begins 8:30am

Day 2 meeting time:

  • Pickup between 4:10am – 4:30am
  • Tour begins 5:00am

Please be ready in your hotel lobby 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. You’ll be greeted by your friendly professional guide and driver eager to ensure you have an unforgettable tour.

How to Get the Most from AngkorInLove

To make the most of your couples retreat in Angkor on the AngkorInLove tour:

  • Book Early – Ensure your preferred date is available by booking 1-2 weeks in advance
  • Pack Properly – Bring clothes suitable for temples plus sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, camera, etc.
  • Prepare Questions – Research temples and note down anything you want your guide to explain
  • Seize Photo Ops – Sunrise and sunset light make for romantic pictures together
  • Focus Inward – Forget logistics and schedules – just enjoy special moments side-by-side
  • Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water provided to stay refreshed exploring temples
  • Open Your Senses – Soak up scents, textures, sounds and views for total immersion in Angkor
  • Go with the Flow – Unexpected moments and interactions are part of the journey

Most importantly, relax into the experiences AngkorInLove offers in each moment. Let the majesty of Angkor wash over you as a couple. These precious memories exploring old stones and sacred spaces will bond you together for years to come.

Immerse Yourself in Angkor’s Magic on AngkorInLove

AngkorInLove For Couples provides the most romantic, inspiring and memorable Angkor experience tailored just for you and your partner.

  • Enjoy flexible private touring and sunrise magic without crowds of tourists
  • Discover Angkor’s highlights and hidden gems with expert local guides
  • Take in the temples at the ideal times of day bathed in magical light

This 2-day Angkor itinerary allows you to go at your own pace and fully immerse yourselves in the mystical atmosphere. Come away feeling you’ve discovered Angkor’s secrets together.

For couples seeking quality time, fun exploration and spiritual rejuvenation amid Siem Reap’s ancient temples, AngkorInLove is unmatched.

Contact us today to start planning your private Angkor getaway for two. We can’t wait to share the magic of Angkor with you!

In conclusion, as a couple that loves exploring Angkor ourselves, we highly recommend the AngkorInLove tour for duos seeking a romantic, memorable and crowd-free Angkor experience. Its flexibility, expert guides and ideal timing make it the clear choice for couples wanting to fall in love with Angkor’s beauty together. I’m confident you’ll come away feeling this remarkable two-day itinerary allowed you to deeply connect with the temples and with each other. Immersing yourselves in Angkor’s magic on the AngkorInLove tour will forge cherished memories you’ll treasure for decades to come.


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